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The Importance of Surgery For Breast Reduction

There are various factors, such as hereditary traits, the weight of the body, and age, that can lead to enlarged breasts. Moreover, hormonal imbalance due to pregnancy, medicines, and abnormal thyroid can impact your breast size negatively. If you have an oversized breast shape and size, you may have to go for breast reduction, a plastic surgery procedure Dr. Talal Munasifi handles frequently. The plastic surgeon offers breast reduction surgery, which involves the removal of unwanted fat, tissue, and skin from breasts.

Subsequently, below are the benefits you can get from undergoing breast reduction surgery offered by a qualified and experienced plastic surgeon.

Alleviation of pain

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If your breasts are enormous, they cause unnecessary pressure or strain on your posture and the curvature of your spinal cord as you stand or sit. Thus you will have constant discomfort in your neck, shoulder, and back. Several studies show that large bra cups promote pain in the neck and shoulder.

You will often experience pain when you take off the bra, especially before you start sleeping. You may also have a rash or swelling in the location adjoining your breasts and chest.

Reducing your breast will eliminate your pain.

Improves exercising

You may try to exercise comfortably with bigger breasts by wearing a high-support fitness sports bra. Still, as you jog or run, you will feel the uneasy movement of your oversized breasts, from up to down. You may even find yourself unable to lift weights properly to shape your arms and shoulders since crossing your arms over the chest is difficult.

You may also have difficulty dancing or performing a few hot yoga poses as your large breasts interfere.

Reduction of your breast will enable firmer holding by your bra and allow you to perform physical activities and exercises in comfort.

Boosts your self-image

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Oversized breasts may hurt your self-confidence or image since you may feel embarrassed by the overall appearance of your chest, which attracts unwelcome attention. Therefore, you will often want to hide your bigger breasts by wearing several clothes or adopting baggy clothing.

Enables easy finding of fitting clothes

Due to enlarged breasts and chest, you may have trouble finding clothes that can fit you well. Going to the tailor and finding bras designed for out-of-proportion breasts is costly.

Because you cannot easily find clothing that fits you excellently, you may resort to putting on shapeless and baggy clothes.

Breast reduction surgery enables the finding of perfectly fitting clothing conveniently.

Improves sleep

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Although sleep experts discourage sleeping on your stomach, you may still find yourself occasionally sleeping in that position. And if you have large breasts, you will not be comfortable sleeping on your belly.

Also, you may experience slight strain when you sleep sideways since your large breasts lie on each other.

Surgery for reducing breasts ensures they are of the right size, which promotes comfortable sleeping sideways or on your stomach.

Delivers masculine chest

If you are a man, you may have man boobs, known medically as gynecomastia, which is the swelling of breast tissues. You may have swollen male breast tissue due to medications, heredity traits, or unknown reasons.

Breast surgery can eliminate your enlarged breasts to give you a firmer and more masculine chest. Contact Advanced Plastic Surgery Center today for specialist breast reduction.

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