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How to Deal With Genital Lesions?

You might worry you first learn of genital lesions on your private parts as they are mostly attributed to sexually transmitted infections like herpes. It is better to seek immediate medical care when you first notice the genital lesions, take medications as instructed, and adhere to the follow-up medical exams. Although herpes is not curable, you can manage genital lesions Fort Worth, effectively reducing the occurrence of the lesions. Although herpes lesions come and go, they hide on the nerve cells and appear when you least expect it. These are tips to deal with herpes lesions.

How to Prevent Future Outbreaks

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During the first treatment, you may notice the lesions subdue due to medications, but this does not mean the medications have eliminated the herpes virus. The herpes virus has no cure as it is good at staying dormant for an extended time. The virus cell attaches itself to the nerve cells by imitating them and staying dormant for a long time until the conditions are favorable for it to wake up. For instance, you can have future outbreaks when you are fatigued continuously. Thus, you should get enough sleep, eat well and stay active to avoid outbreaks. You may get the outbreaks due to genital irritation, menstruation, and injury.

Self-Care Tips When During an Outbreak

Although you can work towards outbreak prevention, herpes always comes back, making it possible to develop acute to severe outbreaks. You can ease the pain with painkillers like acetaminophen, ibuprofen, and aspirin, and apply cool presses on your private area to reduce itching and pain. You can urinate in a water tub if you have genital lesions on your vaginal labia to reduce the irritation from the urine.

You can improve sore healing by washing it with warm water and mild soap to keep the private area clean. Then pat it with a dry cloth and avoid rubbing as it increases the stress on the area leading to more outbreaks. You should avoid bandaging the sores as they heal quickly with air aeration. Moreover, you should avoid picking the lesions as it introduces infections slowing the healing process. Avoid using lotions on the sores unless it is a prescription medication. Finally, wear loose-fitting underwear and avoid nylon and synthetic materials which are not breathable.


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You cannot deal with herpes sores without proper medications. Your doctor will examine the lesions physically and conduct a blood test to determine if they are related to herpes. They will recommend an effective antiviral medication that relieves pain and discomfort, making the outbreak shrink faster. The medications can reduce the appearance of a future outbreak as it alleviates the immune system making it easy for the body to fight the virus. You should follow up with future medical appointments even if you have completed the first dose, as it is easy to manage your condition.

Herpes lesions can impact your sex life and reduce self-esteem, but you can treat them by adhering to medications and self-care tips. Although herpes does not have a cure, it is easy to prevent future outbreaks. You can see a doctor with the first lesion and sore outbreaks to reserve the antiviral medications and follow through with the treatment. Self-care tips like pain medications, ice packs on the private parts, and proper hygiene can alleviate the discomfort.

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