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3 Things You May Need to Remember About Vaginal Rejuvenation

Your vagina offers a passageway for shedding mucosal tissue and blood from your womb during your menstrual cycles. Also, your vagina is essential for holding the sperm until they reach the uterus, providing a passageway for childbirth, and receiving the penis during vaginal sex, which offers you love and sexual pleasure. However, because of the natural aging process and birth, the internal and external tissues and muscles of the vagina usually become stretched. Vaginal rejuvenation is a broad term encompassing various corrective treatments your Memorial aesthetic RN may recommend to help your vagina regain its normal elasticity and strength. Rejuvenation of the vagina restores its appearance and function.

Consequently, below are other things you may need to remember about vaginal rejuvenation.

Conditions that may require a vaginal rejuvenation

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If factors like aging, genetics, or childbirth make the tissues and muscles of your vagina loose and less elastic, you are highly likely to suffer from different conditions.

For example, you may have vaginal dryness, sexual discomfort, urinary incontinence, poor sexual self-esteem, and feel less sensation in the vulva or vagina. A decrease in sexual self-esteem will lead to a lack of interest in sex and a drop in sexual intimacy that may affect your relationship.

Vaginal rejuvenation treatments may help increase your sexual desire, boost vaginal lubrication, improve sexual sensation and pleasure, and make you feel more confident about the appearance and function of your vagina.

Improves vaginal structures

It is not always the case that you may want vaginal rejuvenation to improve your sex life. Many women are also increasingly undergoing vaginal rejuvenation to correct vaginal structural problems that may cause discomfort and other issues.

For instance, a vaginal rejuvenation procedure may help improve the appearance of your vaginal structures so that you can better hold tampons, eliminate scarring adjacent to the vagina, and prevent leakage of bowel movements.

Moreover, vaginal rejuvenation can also assist in reducing or eliminating the popping sound, called vaginal flatulence, which you may experience when walking or performing yoga or other less strenuous physical activities.

Vaginal rejuvenation methods

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Aside from surgical rejuvenation methods, your doctor may recommend non-surgical treatments because they involve a shorter recovery time and less risk of complications.

Often, your doctor may recommend surgical vaginal rejuvenation when other non-surgical methods fail to improve the function and look of your vagina.

One of the common non-surgical treatments at the disposal of your health provider is radiofrequency treatment. Before a vaginal radiofrequency therapy, your health provider will examine your medical records and physical health to ensure you are the right candidate.

Radiofrequency treatment involves exposing your vaginal tissues and muscles to electromagnetic waves. You will only feel warming and cooling sensations during treatment as your doctor uses the radiofrequency device.

The exposure of your vagina to electromagnetic waves heats the tissues, activating more collagen production. Collagen is one of the most abundant proteins the body produces naturally. It plays a vital role in strengthening vaginal walls, enhancing laxity, and improving the ability of cells to keep the vagina lubricated.


In conclusion, vaginal rejuvenation is a personal decision that should be made after careful consideration of the risks, benefits, and alternatives. It is important to consult with a qualified and experienced healthcare provider to discuss your concerns and goals, as well as to ensure that you are a good candidate for the procedure. Additionally, it is important to have realistic expectations about the results of the procedure, as it may not solve all issues related to vaginal health or sexual satisfaction. With proper research, communication, and guidance from a healthcare provider, vaginal rejuvenation can be a safe and effective option for women seeking to improve their quality of life and sexual wellness.

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