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What Is the Hardest Raid in Wow Classic?

Challenges make the game interesting. At first, almost every player starts from the basic and beginner stage. This is not because they are not good at playing the games. Instead, it is to understand the gameplay better. You need to understand the basics and get good at it.

However, you cannot always stay stuck at that, right? You need to level up yourself and to do so, you will need a tougher situation. You can learn about the keys at the beginner stage but you won’t stay there for too long. It will become boring. And as you start winning the game, you level up yourself. This is how you become competitive and make your name.

But to win at difficult levels, your beginner character won’t be strong enough. Therefore, not only the level but your character also need a boost. You can get a WoW Boost.

So whether you are looking for the SOTFO boost or a normal one. They are all available for purchase. Although it takes some time to win them through the game. But if you buy them from the market, you can improve your game and also your winning rate.

After getting the boost, you will need to find the hard battles to fight. Of course, you would not want to waste your character on easy levels. So here are some of the difficult fights to fight in WOW.

1. Molten Core

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This is the first major raid that you will encounter. Therefore, if you are a good player and you want something challenging and want to level up directly from the beginner stage, you should give it a try. It comes under the category of Phase 1 raids. Therefore, for people who have been playing this game for some time, this might seem like an easy raid.

The player will travel and summon the Ragnaros from the depth of the Blackrock Mountain. More importantly, you will go to the heart of this mountain. The heart is the molten core where

Ragnaros was summoned for the first time by the Emperor, Thaurissan. He did so to turn the tables during the Dwarven civil war.

You will need to defeat Ragnaros, who will be sleeping in the burning lake. But before you do so, you will encounter its elemental minions.

But to reach the Molten core, you will need to complete the Attunement or you can choose to travel. Either travel through the depths of Blackrock Mountain or complete the quest.

2. Onyxia’s Lair

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After defeating Ragnaros, you will have the next level of Phase 1, which is Onyxia’s lair. There is only one boss that you need to defeat. And this boss is Onyxia.

You will be at the home of Onyxia, which is a dragon of the Black Dragonflight. Onyxia has another elder sibling, Nefarian. Both these dragons are working to finish the work of their father who went missing. Their father is Deathwing. So now these dragons are manipulating the Azeroth’s mortal races.

Your competitor will be the younger sister, Onyxia. The player needs to reach the Dustwallow marsh. This is the point where Onyxia’s lair is located. However, to reach there, you will have a quest.

So complete the attunement and reach your goal. If you need an alliance, you can get them and join forces to defeat your enemy.

3. Blackwing Lair

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After you have completed phase 1, you will now enter phase 2, which is the Blackwing lair raid. So now the difficulty level will also increase. Therefore, you need to boost up your character too.

The player will enter the depths of Blackrock Spire where he will encounter the boss Nefarian and his brood. And if the name sound familiar, he is the father of Onyxia who you defeated in the previous level. So now you are fighting against the father. In this phase, you will find some gear and weapons. So if you wish to boost up your character naturally, you can do so here.

For entering the Blackwing Lair, you will have two methods. The first one is attunement, you need to attune yourself. Or you can choose the other way, which is traveling. You will pass through the

Upper Blackrock Spire and find the entrance.

This is a 40-player raid so you can add up to 40 people along with you. All these players will help you find your way to meet the final boss and defeat him.

4. Dragons of Nightmare

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If you want real difficulty, it starts from here. You will need to defeat 4 bosses, all of them are dragons. You will find the best loot in this raid. So this is also the time to boost up yourself.

According to the Lore, these dragons were corrupted and therefore, nothing is good on the inside. So now, you need to fight the dragons and defeat them. Thus, you will find amazing loots and also the dream portals.

5. Zul’Gurub

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This is the raid where you will have 20 players. You will find melee weapons there but other than that, the gear is not that good.

In this raid, you will defeat the Hakkar the Soulflayer, who is the final boss. However, before doing so, you will need to get rid of the priest and priestess.

You can enter the raid through the Stranglethorn vale which is on the eastern side. No fights and no attunement. Just walk on your way with your team and enter the raid.

6. Ruins of Ahn’Qiraj – AQ20

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This raid is located in Silithus and is commonly known as AQ 20. This is for players who are looking forward to entering the end game. Therefore, the difficulty level will also be high here.

Furthermore, this is a sort of preparatory raid for the next level which is AQ 40.

7. Temple of Ahn’Qiraj – AQ 40

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After completing AQ 20, you will need to complete the Scepter of the Shifting Sands Questline and the War Effort. This is the end game and the highest difficulty level. Here, you will fight against C’Thun.

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