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How Banking and Telecom Industry Act as Partners?

We are part of a social society where one person acts as a partner to another in one or another way. Just like the industries around the globe act as partners.

This just does not apply to different industries. But also to different players of the same industry as well.

But our today’s focus is on Banking and Telecom industry. We will discover how these two industries are interdependent on each other.

How are these two industries work with and work for each other?

In a lot of ways, let us discover the major ones.

When the Telecom Companies Need Loans

No matter which is your industry if you need a loan or finance then you have to dial to the financial industry. To be very specific you have to go to the banks.

Loans or credit play a very important role in the survival and expansion of any industry. And this is true for the telecom as well.

This is just one example of how banks work for the telecom industry. And in return, the industry pays the bank the interest decided on the loan.

When Customer Wants to Communicate with the Bank and Vice Versa

Being the customer of the bank if you are having any difficulties you can reach your bank for help.

But how do you do it?

Do you prefer to go physically to the location of the bank?

I assume your answer was a NO.

That is because we have got many easy options to get in touch with the bank. And that is using the phone call. Just look for the phone number of your bank.

And dial in the number, you will be able to speak with the people of the bank who will offer you help you need. That is all great.

But who is helping you out here? The answer is the telecom industry. This is one more way how these two industries work together.

When the Customer Wants to Use Online Banking

This is very common, I mean the online banking thing is a normal thing these days. We all use our bank accounts. And most of the time we use the electronic modes.

These modes are nothing but online banking and mobile banking. No matter if you are using a computer or a smartphone to access your bank account.

You will need an internet connection and this is offered to you by the telecom industry. Customers like you and me can not become our own internet service providers.

In fact, we are so dependent on the telecom industry is. Even if you want to make a funds transfer, check your funds, pay your bills, or close the bank account.

You will need an internet connection if you want to do it from the comfort of your home.

When Banks want to keep the Services up and Running

Running a bank has never been easy. Even when the banks were just invented. And also now when we humans have adopted banking into our daily life.

There are a lot of high-tech things involved in the banking system. Even if the bank does not want to offer online services to the customers.

It still has to depend upon the telecom industry for the internet connection to its internal communication systems and the servers.


The list goes on, the fact is the banking industry is a partner of almost all industries when it comes to financing things. And the telecom industry is the partner of all other industries when it comes to communication. Everyone and every industry are interdependent on each other.  This article was just an attempt to let you know how these two work together.

Zaraki Kenpachi