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Amulet Hotkey Provides Unprecedented GPU Density for HUT 8 Mining

LONDON, May 28, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Amulet Hotkey, a leader in design, manufacturing and system integration for mission-critical remote workstation and high-GPU-density solutions, is pleased to confirm it is now supplying HUT 8 Mining Corp. with its CoreServer CX4140 technology that hosts either four NVIDIA CMPs or four NVIDIA A100 GPUs in a 1U rack form factor server, representing unprecedented compute density for High Performance Computing (HPC) or the mining of blockchain networks.

Amulet Hotkey is trusted by partners and customers to deliver solutions that shatter the CMP or GPU rack density offered by other manufacturers. By using its knowledge and experience in managing heat dissipation, Amulet Hotkey has once again demonstrated how strategic partnerships deliver unprecedented benefits.

“A key element for HUT 8 Mining is to work with technology partners who can bring flexible enterprise-grade equipment and who are able to meet the timelines and needs of an industrial-size crypto currency miner,” said Jason Zaluski, Head of Technology, HUT 8 Mining. “Amulet Hotkey’s ability to engineer four NVIDIA CMPs into a 1U rack server is testament to the way their technology is able to combine performance and efficiency, both aspects are critical to our mining at scale”

HUT 8 Mining made the strategic decision to purchase Amulet Hotkey CoreServer CX4140 servers and NVIDIA CMPs to significantly increase their blockchain mining business and pursue additional computationally intensive applications in the high-performance computing space.

“This is a great example of how Amulet Hotkey’s technical expertise in heat management can constantly challenge the limitations of others,” said Mark Stevens, Director of Engineering, Amulet Hotkey. “We are able to achieve this unprecedented GPU density because of our engineering excellence, built up through decades of working with industry leading partners






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