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Pick Me Up: Energize the Room With Upholstery

Upholstery fabrics are necessary for a living space because they can energize it without you spending a large sum of money. There is no doubt that they are great investments but with the endless options, picking the right upholstery fabrics can be challenging. It is hard to determine whether you want those with bold or neutral colors that are made from fabric or leather materials. There are infinite options to choose from, allowing you to find the right pieces for your personality and style.


Upholstery fabrics are great investments since they can help you save a lot of money in the long run. They can turn your pale house into something you will love to live in for the rest of your life. For you to determine the right upholstery for your space, below are the factors you have to religiously consider when shopping.

1.  Functionality

Before visiting an online or physical store, you first have to know the functionality of your upholstery fabrics. Assessing where you would place it is also crucial as it will determine the right materials for the fabrics. You might want to read the reviews of several people to narrow down your purchase decision. For instance, if you would use upholstery fabrics almost every day you must be sure that they are easy to clean. Additionally, they must be stain-resistant so that their good condition can easily be maintained. Once you are done knowing the functionality, it is the only time that you can decide on the patterns and textures.

2.  Color

The color of your upholstery fabrics can make or break the overall look of your home. Therefore, you should not neglect it during the decision-making process. If you want upholstery fabrics that can easily go with your sculpture and quirky pieces, then consider those dominated by neutral colors such as gray, black, and white. It will lead to a more subtle and elegant living space. On the other hand, if you want to add a little bit of vibrance to your simple home, it is best to purchase upholstery fabrics with bright colors. Light-colored pieces are the best addition to formal rooms that require less traffic.

3.  Form and function

A wise homeowner should not only consider form but also function. If both of these are provided by your upholstery fabrics, then you can say that they are great purchases. It will just take patience and effort to find the items with both comfort and durability. With the wide range of design schemes rugs and intensive manufacturing processes, you have every chance to purchase fabrics that suit you best.

Upholstery fabrics recommended by designers

1.   CTR-18

The CTR-10 upholstery fabrics are for homeowners who want to make their living spaces more colorful. It has a Rapunzel patchwork pattern containing numerous colors such as pink, green, blue, and orange. It is made from high-quality woven chenille fabric composed of acrylic, cotton, and polyester. It weighs 1050 grams per linear meter and takes pride in having above 30 000 rubs during the rub test. If you are planning to place it outdoors, consider availing the waterproof treatment for an additional cost.

2.   CTR-1055

The CTR -1055 has a great aesthetic appeal made possible by its Sokoto colorful geometric patterns. It looks extremely modern, perfect for houses with trendy furniture pieces and decorative items. It is very versatile as it will not look awkward if you turn it into roman blinds, curtains, or even cushion covers. For the material, the manufacturer used chenille fabric because of its 100% polyester composition. Depending on your needs, you might want to avail yourself of additional treatments such as domestic flame retardant, soil and stain, and waterproof.

1.   250621-10

The 256021-10 features a self pattern dominated by the nude. It is calming to see and would add vibrance to your space. It is made from velvet velour fabric with more than 34 000 rubs. If you want it to last for many years having the same comfortability and durability even when exposed to sunlight and rainfall, request waterproof treatment.


There are many factors to take into consideration before purchasing upholstery fabrics which include functionality, color, form, and function. If you want to take a look at the listed fabrics above, make sure to visit Yorkshire Fabric Shop. It has a fabric finder feature to make it easier for you to find the best option available based on your needs, lifestyle, and budget.


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