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5 Signs You Should Call a Plumber Immediately

Did you know plumbing leaks can result in the loss of about 10,000 gallons of water every year?

Clearly, if a small plumbing issue goes unnoticed, it can quickly escalate into a severe problem. When you overlook something that may have been simply fixed, it can turn out to be a pricey repair.

You may be unaware of an issue at times, though. Luckily, certain warning signals will alert you when anything is amiss with your plumbing system.

The following signs will alert you when it’s time to call a plumber for emergency plumbing service.

1. Smell of Gas

The moment you smell natural gas in your house, don’t ignore it. Because manufacturers add odorants to the natural gas for easier detection during leaks, it’s easy to detect a leak.

Turn off the gas right away then call an emergency plumber or the gas company. Also, turn off electricity at the mains because leaking natural gas can cause fires or an explosion.

2. Frozen Pipes

If your pipes don’t have flowing water and make clanking noises in the winter, this indicates that they are frozen. It needs quick expert assistance.

Leave them unattended and you’ll come back home to damaged or broken pipes. To avoid frozen pipes in the winter, keep your pipes running at a trickling speed.

3. Call a Plumber When You Hear Gurgling Sound

You may hear a gurgling sound when using the toilet, showering, or running the dishwasher or laundry. This means you have a problem in your hands.

It might be more dangerous if the sound continues even while the toilet is not in use. This gurgling sound is heard frequently when your home’s plumbing system is struggling to locate air. This causes water to back up in your home.

4. Hearing Sound of Water in Pipes

If you hear water flowing in your pipes or toilet when you are not using them, you may have pipe issues. Check for damp or brown stains on the ceiling, floor, and walls. If the leak is in hot water pipes, the area will be warm as well.

Turn off the heater and inspect the meter to see whether it’s still spinning. Call the best plumber right away for a speedy remedy to your issue before it causes further damages.

5. Sewerage Smell

Seek professional plumbing service if you notice a rotten egg odor in your home. This is possibly because you may have a damaged sewer pipe or vent.

This situation is very annoying and can make living in the home unbearable. Unchecked sewage leaks can cause foundation damage to your home.

Call a Plumber Immediately If You Notice Any Of These Signs

You may prefer to do tasks by yourself when you can. But plumbing issues cause considerable damage if not handled by a professional.

We recommend that if you have a plumbing issue that you can’t manage on your own, call a plumber right away.

We hope you’ve learned something new from this article. If so, keep checking our blog for more informative articles.

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