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Perfect Hair With Human Hair Wigs And Hair Extensions

What things do you consider when you say ‘perfect hair’? Is it all about the length and volume? Yes, volume and length are often associated with perfect hair, but the natural look is the immediate prospect for achieving perfect hair. There is a secret to achieving a perfectly natural look while it boosts your hair’s volume and length. Virgin human hair extensions and wigs are the secret ingredient to achieve all at once, i.e., length, volume, and perfect hair. However, many are intimidated to wear wigs and extensions because they think people will detect them. They also have a fear that embarrassing moments could happen with extensions and wigs. If you have that same fear, do not worry; women are using wigs and extensions to achieve perfect hair, and the number of users is increasing every day. You just have to know some simple tricks to achieve a perfect natural look with human hair wigs and extensions. 

Tips to achieve perfect hair with wigs and extensions

We have some effortless, cost-effective, and efficient tips to achieve a natural look and applicable for both wigs and extension users. You can avoid uncanny looks and embarrassing hair moments. These tips are as follows:

Tip 1: Applying hair wigs and hair extensions

Get professional help to apply wigs and extensions

Wigs and hair extensions have different application methods depending upon how long you want to wear them. You can wear some wigs (glueless wigs) and hair extensions (clip-in hair extensions) at home, but many of them require professional aid. For beginners, we recommend you get help from a professional even if you have a DIY product. You may be able to wear them, but you might face challenges in blending them with your hair.

Tip 2: Match the color

You can choose a hair extension or a wig that is 2-3 shades darker or lighter than your natural hair color to blend them. If you have a unique color, you may want to ensure that the color match is acceptable when you buy hair extensions and wigs. When you choose an extension, the color of hair extension’s ends should be similar to your natural hair because the ends of your hair are exposed all the time.  

Tip 3: Dial down Shine

Hair extensions and wigs come with more gleam than normal hair. You will notice it if you compare them with your natural hair. Synthetic hair is even shinier than human hair extensions and wigs. So, use a dry shampoo or a baby powder to dial down the extra gleam.

Perfect hairstyles with hair wigs and extensions

Try these simple hairstyle that are perfect for achieving a natural look. These four hairstyles will help you blend your human hair extension and wig seamlessly with your natural hair. 

Hairstyles with human hair extensions

  • Shoulder-Skimming Layered Haircut

  • Layered Shoulder-Skimming Hair

You can’t go to a party wearing the same hairstyle; it’s time to bid farewell to your boring hairstyles and give a fresh look to stand out of the crowd. This shoulder-skimming hairstyle is a perfect fit for parties and special events, and it suits any outfit. You can create this style on your shoulder-length hair or if you want long layers, wear a few wefts of clip-in extensions to add length.

  • Swoopy Wavy Hair

The Swoopy Wavy Hairstyle

For many, this long wavy hairstyle has inspired them to experiment with various layered cuts.  The side flipped fringe perfectly blends with wavy swoopy layers achieving a layered look. This is a must-try simple hairstyle with human hair extension; it will give you enough length and volume to work on accomplishing swoopy-wavy layers. 

Hairstyles with human hair lace front wigs

  • The Shoulder-length Bob Cut

The Shoulder-Length Bob Cut

A lace front wig is ideal for styling your hair to perfection. The hand-knotted lace and the baby hair in the front give you a natural look. The wig comes with translucent lace that can blend with your skin tone. The human hair lace front wig also provides you with a freestyle parting option to make it look realistic. So, you can create a deep side parting or a center parting and frame your face with a shoulder-length bob cut.

  • Wavy Voluminous Hair

Wavy Voluminous Hair

Wavy hair works for any occasion, be it shopping, date night, homecoming, or a prom night. Wavy hairstyles provide volume and dimension to your fine hair, or you can use a human hair lace front wig to add thickness and length. With the help of a curler, create big waves to your lace front wig. You can decide and keep the length as you want because the big waves suit all hair lengths, i.e., short, medium, and long. This wavy hairstyle offers you the freedom to wear any outfit for any event. 

Conclusion: The most crucial thing about wearing wigs and hair extensions is achieving a natural look. Although volume, length, and hairstyles help you achieve perfect hair, they are easy to achieve. However, it is pretty challenging to achieve perfect hair with human hair extensions and wigs, and so it becomes important to know how to style them, maintain them, and blend them with your natural hair.


Zaraki Kenpachi