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What is the difference between Natural Wigs vs. Synthetic Wigs?

In the past, wigs were considered as your wearing something prohibited or taboo. It’s nearly impossible to walk on the streets of Brooklyn or Beverly Hills. The traditional were made from horsehair, wool, feather, buffalo hair, or other synthetic material. There were few countries where people wear wigs to look stylish and aesthetic, including religious activity and culture.

Nowadays, the big has evolved everywhere around the world. The wig industry has become primarily evolved because people consider wigs as everyday Cosmetic. Compared to the past, the latest wigs, such as the freetress Tammi wig and Shakira wig, are made so well that it is really hard to identify that you are wearing a wig. Wigs are the best way to make yourself look creative while doing minimal or no damage to your hair. Whether you are looking to change your appearance for an event or you want to add Freetress Suzie to your daily routine.

What is the difference between Natural Wigs vs. Synthetic Wigs?

 Synthetic Wigs

shakira wig are artificial wigs made of human-made fiber, which is more durable than human hair. In addition, these wigs are already styled, so they don’t need to be styled again. Whether it is humidity outside or even the worsening weather condition, the fiber wigs can’t be flat or fizzy.


  • There are plenty of synthetics available in the market that are both beautiful and affordable at the same time.
  • Synthetic wigs are really rigid and less likely to Tangle, but you have to wear them properly.
  • You can wash synthetic wigs Without worrying about the shape and style.
  • These wigs are cooler than a human hair.


The only disadvantage is with synthetic wigs, since they are already styled, you can not do very much on them.

Human Hair Wigs

As the name suggests, human hair wigs are made up of natural, harvested, and real human hair. One of the most notable advantages of wearing a human hair wig is that it is hard to identify. You can adjust, style, move and act like your own hair as it looks natural and gives real hairs feel.

Human hair wigs are easy to style because they are made up of human hair. You can easily do the cut-down and curling as you will do on your own hair. In addition, human hair wigs can be worn for longer periods from days to weeks without needing to be removed or they stay on your head looking like natural hairs.


  • Natural hair big can last at least five years with proper care
  • You can style natural wig hair as you want
  • these wigs are thicker, so you don’t need to worry about heat
  • Human hair wigs give you a real look


  • Natural Hair Wigs are expensive

What is the difference between hand-tied and machine-made wigs?

There are two methods used in the hand-tied and machine-made.

In the hand-tied wigs, Every single piece of hair is attached to the wig cap by man-hand. Maybe the hand-tied wigs manufacturing process is costly, but the yield is so natural since the hair will flow in the same direction and will be less liable to chances of tangling. In addition, hand-tied hair allowed the hair to be styled effortlessly in different ways. Usually, the cheaper wigs are made by a machine that gives you the hair into the cab on the Nylon strips.

The tammi wig are made by machine. Meanwhile, natural hair wigs are made up of hand-tied hair. But it doesn’t mean that you cannot use the machine to manufacture human hair wigs. I am not in favor of machine-made wigs because when natural hair is processed with chemicals, it is all the outer texture, and as a result, they look less ideal and less realistic.

Moreover, the brand-like freetress Tammi offered the hand-tied fire quality that will definitely create distinction. This is because their Wings are so natural and normal it is hard to find that you are wearing a wig.







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