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8 Advantages of Online CELTA Course

Is teaching your passion? Are you passionate about helping students to master the English language? Do you prefer travelling to places to teach and meet new people? If your answer to all these questions is a yes, you need to join an online CELTA course. Also, ensure you join a reputed and well-established institution to prepare for the CELTA test.

A CELTA certificate has many advantages, such as career development, language proficiency, flexible working roles, etc. Besides, having a CELTA certificate is an added advantage while applying for a job, and your resume will stand out from others.

The following are the advantages of the CELTA course:

    1. Helps Develop your Soft Skills & Training Skills

These skills are invaluable to every professional across all industries. And irrespective of the industry you chose to work in, this certification will help you climb the corporate ladder with ease. Moreover, you can teach your students effortlessly and communicate with your peers smoothly.

    1. Career Development

You can apply for positions in several educational institutions off the back of teaching experience and CELTA. You can also apply in school management, international business development, materials writing and publishing, marketing, and exams and assessment.

    1. Flexible Working Positions

In the English language teaching industry, you can find many professional jobs that give you flexibility in working hours. This way, you can chase your dreams, follow a passion and live a relaxed life. Moreover, you can either work full time or part-time jobs with excellent pay scales.

    1. Opportunity to Travel

Depending on the institution and your job roles, you could be flying to places with a few years of experience since English language teachers are always in demand in many countries. You’ll also receive accommodation and other amenities depending on the place of visit and your employer.

You can also be self-employed and be your own boss. With a few years of experience in the education sector, you will be getting many offers. And a CELTA certificate will help you get offers frequently.

    1. No Expiry Date

Once you receive the CELTA certificate, you don’t need to renew or upgrade it ever in your life, as the certificate is for life. So, you can join a reputed online CELTA course and complete the course from the comfort of your home. You can also receive the digital certificate and a physical one if requested. Hence, you can become a certified English tutor within a few months.

    1. High Demand

Qualified English teachers/tutors are always in demand across the globe. Asian countries like Japan, Korea, Singapore, and even Eastern European countries require English teachers every year. So, if you hold this certificate and have enough experience, you can migrate to these countries on a job visa.

    1. Accredited by University of Cambridge

CELTA is accredited by the Cambridge English Language Assessment (CELA). And since CELA is a part of the University of Cambridge, you can assure the authenticity of the certificate everywhere in the world.

    1. Worldwide Recognition

This certificate is recognised by almost every country in the world, and you can apply for a job in any country you want with this certificate. The certificate from the University of Cambridge holds immense value, and your application will be considered appropriate for many positions if you have this certificate mentioned in your resume.

These advantages make the CELTA course appealing to many youngsters who want to pursue their careers in teaching and research.


Zaraki Kenpachi