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The Pros and Cons of a Roll Up Garage Door, Explained

Many homes in the US come with a garage. It’s also a popular choice for an addition, since it provides utility value to you and can boost your home’s value. Whether you already have a garage or plan on adding one, there is still the matter of the garage door.

You have some options on that front. There are several types of garage doors, such as sectional, slide-to-side, side-hinged, or a roll up garage doors. If you never considered a roll up door for your garage, keep reading. We’ll break down the pros and cons of a roll up garage door.

What Is a Roll Up Garage Door?

You can think of a roll up garage door as a series of narrow metal slats that sit a little like Venetian blinds when the door is down. As you lift the door, the whole sheet of slats goes into a roll that hangs at the top of your garage door opening.

Pros and Cons of a Roll Up Garage Door

Like most products, roll up garage doors offer benefits and pitfalls. Let’s starts with the benefits.

Roll Up Door Pros

One major benefit when considering a sectional vs roll up garage door is the space economy. While the sectional takes up a lot of space near the ceiling, the roll up door takes up a fraction of the space right at the head of your garage door opening. This can prove especially helpful in small, one-car garages.

You can get your garage door in several material options. Steel is a popular choice because it offers excellent durability. Other choices include fiberglass, aluminum, and even wood.

You can get an automatic version of this type of garage door. You’ll want a professional garage door installation for an automatic roll up garage door.

Roll Up Door Cons

Some people really love the look of a roll up garage door, while others don’t. You should check with your homeowners association before installing one because it might violate their rules.

A roll up door isn’t usually a good project for the DIY enthusiast. You almost always need a professional team to come handle the installation.

Options like a steel roll up door can cost more than other garage door types.

Your Neighbors

You should also consider the look of your neighbor’s homes. If every home on your street uses sectional garage doors, a roll up garage door could cause you some headaches in terms of neighbors complaining about it.

A Roll Up Garage Door and You

Is a roll up garage door right for you? Assuming it won’t cause a riot with your neighbors or bring down the wrath of your HOA, you have a few factors you should weigh.

Is your garage cramped? Is it in your budget? Do you like the look of them?

Can you find a good local installer?

If you answered yes to all of those questions, a roll up garage door probably is right for you.

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