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Knowhow of Selecting Right Furniture for Your Home

Choosing the right kind of furniture for your home can be a stress-driven activity. You don’t know where to start and what to expect especially if this is the first time you are designing your own home. You may come across people giving you a piece of advice and even sharing links online to start your furniture shopping. But wait, before you click on that link and get carried away in the world of furniture, there are some reality checks you need to take so that you make a sound decision. 

  1. Evaluate Your Existing Collection: Even if you are fresh out of college, we are sure you still may have some pieces of furniture from your shared apartment or hostel that you may be holding on to. Many times we also get few pieces of furniture traditionally handed over to us by our grandparents or parents. So check those first, are they worth keeping? Can a coat of polish make them as good as new? Will changing the fabric add a new life to it? If yes, great then keep them aside and now start your hunt. 
  2. Decide Your Budget: Now that you know what items you can retain, create a list of basic furniture you need first for all the rooms like the living, bedrooms, dining, study, and balcony. How do you decide the budget? Quickly browse through the popular and trusted online stores and compare various furniture prices like double bed price, sofa set price etc… and put together the entire cost and check if that’s how much you had budgeted for in your mind. In reality, you may be spending a little bit differently than what you have budgeted for, but at least this activity prepares you with the finances mentally.
  3. Determine a Theme: This is the most fun part. Come up with the aesthetics of the house. Take some time to browse through different home décor ideas, check on the latest in trend sofa set design, bed designs, etc. You can also use some suggestions given by your close friends and family. If this is overwhelming you, then contact a local designer who would be the right person to design the whole look keeping your needs in mind. 
  4. Plan, Plan, and Plan: Don’t go on a shopping spree and then end up regretting your decision. Take it slow. First of all, decide if you would like to purchase from the traditional store or online or a mix of both. Plan a weekend to go and check out different stores for your pieces of furniture. Write down the details of the model and pricing. Now come back home and check if it’s available online. You are likely to find it online and that too on discount and may find additional models too. So planning is the key and not rushing into it.
  5. Other Accessories and Refurbishment: Don’t forget apart from the furniture you need to choose so many other things, like the right cushion covers, drapes, rugs, decorative items, etc. So keep scouting for it simultaneously.

Pre-planning the furniture purchase can work wonders for your house and your budget. 

Zaraki Kenpachi