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AC Repair Cost: Everything You Need to Know

According to the NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration), August 2024 was the fourth hottest month on record. Experts believe that this summer will be just as hot as last year. That means you’ll be using your AC more than usual!

As you use your air conditioning unit more, the odds of it needing a repair are higher. Today, we will look at the average AC repair cost and why it’s important to quickly take care of these issues!

AC Leak Repair Cost

Perhaps one of the most hazardous AC problems you can encounter is a leak, as it can be detrimental to your health. Prolonged exposure to freon leaks can lead to refrigerant poisoning, which can be deadly.

The average AC repair cost for this issue can range from $400 to $1,500.

AC Compressor Repair Cost

The compressor, often called the “heart” of the AC, regulates the temperature of the refrigerant. An AC compressor repair cost ranges from $600 to $2,500. So, as you can see, it can be extremely costly, depending on the extent of the repair the compressor needs.

You may need to ask yourself, “should I repair or replace my AC” since investing in a new AC might be the cheaper option.

AC Air Filters Repair Cost

The air filter helps keep allergens out of your home, but if the air filters are clogged, your AC will not be able to do its job. Fortunately, the cost of this repair is more affordable, ranging from $75 to $195.

But, of course, you may need to replace your air filter if it’s too clogged with debris and dust.

AC Capacitor Repair Cost

The capacitor is what controls all of the AC’s moving parts. If your capacitor breaks, your AC will not be able to do anything other than turn on.

The good news is that the average AC repair cost for this issue isn’t too expensive, ranging from $300 to $400.

AC Air Duct Repair Cost

If you notice that your AC has reduced airflow, there may be a problem with your air ducts. This problem can be caused by debris stuck in the air duct. It’s also possible that an animal, such as a rat or a squirrel, has made a home in the ducts.

An HVAC technician can determine what is causing the issue and repair it quickly. The average AC repair cost for this issue is from $500 and $1,200, depending on the size of your home.

Understanding AC Repair Cost

Hopefully, you now understand the average AC repair cost and the importance of having it done. But, of course, the best course of action to avoid any of these problems is to have your AC maintained periodically by an HVAC company.

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