..TITAN CAPSPRAYER. Titan company has been in the industry for quite a few decades now. Over the years it has developed a name that speaks for its product’s quality and performance. Therefore the customers of titan can swear by its excellence and performance.

Today Titan is the leader in the paint spray industry. The company’s mission has been to make painting easier for painters and design user-friendly products. The brand is also known for providing the best value for money.

Titan has had a successful range of paint sprayers in the industry, including ControlMax, Powrcoat series, handheld sprayer, capsprayer, etc.

In the article below we have listed down the details of titan’s capsprayer series:


The titan capsprayer series is designed for professional use. The spray ensures a fine and professional finish to the surface.

The series is specifically designed to cater to small jobs, such as woodwork, carpentry, cabinetry, or other wood-related work. The capsprayer series and capsprayer parts are specifically designed to maintain high volume and low pressure in spray guns. Certain features give the results of special coatings that are equivalent to that of a paintbrush.

The following are the feature of the capspray series to distinguish it from the rest.


The series is unique in the way that it offers a finish that is equivalent to a turbine-powered paintbrush. It has a 6-stage turbine that offers a unique finish to its targeted products. The sprayer further gives mobility to the painter, therefore, making the job easier. 

The below-mentioned capsprayer parts give an edge to the sprayer and make it perfect for woodwork and carpentry projects:

  • It has dual air filters.
  • It also includes prefilters on both sides of the unit.
  • The turbine helps in achieving HVLP (High volume, low pressure) capabilities.
  • It has a toolbox for various parts; nozzles, valves, needles, etc.


  • The dual air filter is powered by clean air.
  • The spray gun has a choice of 2,4,5 or 6 stage turbines.
  • The replacement of air filters is easy and requires no additional tools
  • It has automotive quality atomizing air filters that deliver clean and fresh air.
  • The dual filtering system is amazing for atomizing, as well as cooling.
  • It has up to 90 transfer efficiency


  • Most powerful HVLP atomization
  • It can achieve HVLP to its fullest
  • The capspray 115 has a 6 stage turbine system.


  • The intelligent design help the sprayer, spray smarter.
  • The design is extremely durable and lightweight
  • Sensors that alert when the filter is compromised with dirt
  • Built-in tool box for Capsprayer parts, such as nozzles, needles, valves, etc
  • The design further offers versatility and toughness.


    These features offer maximum advantage and control with its HVLP capabilities.

  • Designed especially for offering pinpoint precision.
  • Ability to control from bleeder to none bleeder gun.
  • It comes with a needle set.


  • It has a removable and reversible chamber.
  • It has an indexed fluid and air controls
  • There is a check valve in the gun head.


The following spray gun models are launched in the capsprayer series:

  • CAPSPRAY 75: Apart from all the feature of capspray series mentioned above, The following are the distinguishing features of capspray 75:
    –      It has a 3 stage turbine which is perfect for light coatings
  • It has a pressure of 7.50 PSI
  • The spray is perfect for applying lacquer and stains.
  • It offers additional storage in the form of a built-in gun and cup holder.
  • It has a sound reduction technology that makes the job easier for the painter.
  • Well suited for commercial and residential jobs.
  • The capspray 75 is suitable for enamel coatings including lacquer, light body varnishes, stains, sealers, etc.
  • CAPSPRAY 95: Capspray 95 has all the features mentioned above in the features of the capspray series. The distinguishing feature however of this specific model is as follows:
  • It has a pressure of 9.50 PSI
  • It has a four-stage turbine. Which makes it perfect for applying light to medium coatings
  • It is perfect for coatings. And involves light coatings, as well as heavy latex paints.
  • It has a built-in cup. And gun holder for additional storage.
  • It gets the job done quietly. Due to its noise reduction technology
  • It has a longer air hose
  • It has state of an art air filtration system.
  • Sensory abilities
  • When more power is needed, it’s best to get car spray 95.
  • CAPSPRAY 105/115
  • Capspray 105 has 5 stage turbine. With 10.5 PSI.
  • Capspray 115 has a six-stage turbine with 11.50 PSI.
  • All the other features are the same as that of capspray 75 and 95.

Zaraki Kenpachi