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Five Metrics to Analyze Influencer Profiles

Are you thinking of creating an influencer marketing campaign but aren’t sure what to look out for in influencers. We’ve got your back.

8 of 10 consumers will purchase something after being recommended by an influencer. It’s not surprising that you are considering joining the industry. You should not rush to make the most of this opportunity. Careful planning will ensure that you get the best results. Continue reading to learn more.

Find influencers

You’ll need to first find influencer profiles before you can analyze them. We’ll discuss the best methods to do this. There are three main ways to locate influencers. Which one you choose will depend upon your goals and budget. Don’t worry, it doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for a nano influencer, mega influencer, or a KOL, because there’s a way to search for them all!


First, you can do a manual search on the social media platform where you want to start a campaign. Although this method is not the most efficient for your search, it can help you to analyze profiles.

This way of searching is free and completely within your control. It can also be time-consuming, particularly if you are looking for influencers.

Here are some tips to help you in your search.

  • check your comments
  • check your likes
  • check your followers
  • check your brand tags and mentions

Platform for Influencer Marketing

The best way to influencer campaigns is to sign up for an influencer platform. Numerous platforms offer different pricing plans, with many offering a free option. This makes them accessible for everyone.

You can search through specific filters like location, category, or demographics with an influencer marketing platform such as Heepsy to find influencers that match your campaign. Your business will be able to quickly narrow your search, which will save you time and labor.You can search for Instagram, Youtube, and TikTok influencers.

An influencer marketing platform’s best feature is the ability to analyze profiles and create lists to compare stats. We’ll get to that later.


Third, you can hire an agency to manage your influencer campaigns for you. Although agencies can help you create amazing influencer campaigns, it comes with a price. It’s worth looking into if you have a large budget.

This method has one drawback: it often means that the agency is in complete control, with very little input from your brand.

Analyzing influencer profiles is important

We’ve already covered the best methods to find influencers. Let’s now get down to how to analyze their profiles. This is the most crucial step in your campaign. Finding the right influencers to help your brand stand out is what will make your campaign stand out from other campaigns. This involves finding influencers that are aligned with your brand’s values and missions as well as matching up audiences’.

For these examples, we will be looking at data from some Instagram Influencers on Heepsy.

Follower growth

First, take a look at the growth rate of followers over time. While follower counts are not necessarily important, it is a good idea to look at the growth and decline of followers over time.

It is important to watch for steady increases in followers. You should not see sudden drops or rises in followers. This could be a sign that you are buying followers.

It’s important to remember that giveaways may require you to follow certain content. If this is the case, make sure you take a look at it.

Engagement rates

Engagement rates would be the next stat I recommend you analyze. This is crucial when it comes down to influencer marketing as it will tell you how interested an audience is in an influencer’s content. Reach may be important for you but it is not if consumers don’t want to be interested.

High engagement rates are what you should aim for when looking for influencers. This will show a strong relationship between the influencers and their followers. Their followers will trust their comments and opinions, which will make them more likely to accept product recommendations from the influencer.

Comments and likes

Another way to determine the interest of an audience is to analyze the comments and likes on their content. Look at the comments they receive on different types of posts. Does it seem natural? Do they ask questions about the products? Are they fans?

This can also be used to determine if the influencer was involved in buying their comments and likes. You can also see the likes to comments ratio with an influencer marketing platform. It could indicate that the influencer is buying them if there is a large difference in their comments and likes.

Audience demographics

In your campaign planning, you must consider the matching of influencers’ audience with your brand’s target audience. If your brand sells skincare products, it’s best to promote them to those who are interested in skincare and beauty.

You can view demographic information about your audience, such as their location, language and interests, with Heepsy. While an influencer might be from a certain demographic or category, that doesn’t mean their audience will be. This data is important!

Audience insights

You should also assess the authenticity metrics for an influencer’s profile. This will again be difficult without an influencer platform. You can be aware of some of the unusual characteristics we discussed earlier.

Heepsy allows you to assess the authenticity of your audience by calculating the percentage of suspicious followers. These accounts would appear unnatural or exhibit the typical online bot behavior.

Take Away

This article will highlight the importance of thoroughly analyzing influencer profiles to maximize your campaign’s success. While you can create great campaigns without an influencer marketing platform I highly recommend it. It is both cost-effective and efficient.

You might be interested in reading more before you start your campaign. The 8 best tools to influencer market articles is a good place to start.

Zaraki Kenpachi