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7 Ways to Make Your Commercial Property Aesthetically Pleasing

Alexander Baumgarten first used the term ‘aesthetics’ in 1735.

Aesthetics refers to art and design that is appealing to the eye. It’s the philosophical idea of what’s beautiful and tasteful. We notice strong aesthetics in classical art, sleek home design, and floral arrangements.

If you own commercial property, there’s a good chance you’re not taking full advantage of the aesthetic possibilities. Taking a short time to improve your property will produce long-term results.

Below is a quick guide on 7 ways you can make your commercial property aesthetically pleasing. It’s time to put on your artist hat.

1. Clean the Exterior

While the rare person may find beauty in the dirt and grime, it’s time to clean up your building. Get rid of all the dirt, mold, cobwebs, and gunk growing up and around the walls, doorways, and windows.

Start by using a pressure washer. Use it to blast off the grime from the walls and pathways. This may take a while, and you may end up deciding to hire someone to complete the job.

Next, make sure the outside of the windows and doorways are clean from fingerprints and cobwebs.

Lastly, hire a company to perform simple yard work. Have them pick weeds, trim the edges, and cut the grass. All of this maintenance will boost the appearance of your commercial building without any major construction.

2. Add Colorful Flowers and Plants

Now that the outside of the property is freshened up, it’s time to add plants and flowers. Pops of color will catch people’s attention, and fresh flowers bring in an air of inspiration.

Do the research to understand what flowers grow best in your climate. If you have the room in your budget, work with a local landscaping company or nursery to properly plan.

It’s best to choose plants that are low-maintenance. You may not be able to regularly tend to them.

To take things to the next level, create a garden area with a couple of benches for people to relax in. Add fairy lights, a terrace, and a small fountain.

3. Buy New Furniture

A great way to improve your commercial property is by investing in updated furniture. Because furniture is expensive, this may be a gradual process, but you’ll quickly notice the results.

Start by taking a quick walk through your property. Take note of all of the furniture that’s worn, stained, broken, or unappealing. Prioritize your list.

As you prioritize your list, place communal areas at the top. These areas may include a lobby, entryway furniture, or an employee sitting space.

Purchase new furniture that’s aesthetically appealing, sustainable, and durable. You want something that’ll last you a long time.

4. Add Decor and Plants

Details are crucial in the commercial property enhancement process. The small details show customers you care about all pieces of the puzzle.

Before decorating, work with a design team to define your aesthetic. Are you going for a sleek, modern design with marble and gold accents? Are you wanting a more eclectic vibe to reach the young party scene in your area?

Once you know what sort of aesthetic you’d like to achieve, identify areas in your building that need sprucing up. You can paint accent walls, create gallery walls of thrifted prints, or even add a custom neon sign!

If your commercial property is often visited by groups of young people, create a photo op space. Having a trademark wall or prop for people to take pictures with will increase social media engagement!

5. Create a Space That’s Easy to Move Through

Is your interior space cluttered and awkward? Even if it’s not necessarily “ugly”, cluttered spaces can deter customers.

Take a walk through your space as you brainstorm how to arrange the furniture to create a more open feel. Create open pathways for any employees and guests. This may require selling off select pieces of furniture.

Open spaces also give guests the feeling that your building is larger than it may actually be. No one should feel squished as they spend time on your property.

Are you wanting to create a sense of intimacy? Dedicate select areas to closeness and intimate conversation. These select spaces will give guests a feeling of importance as they occupy them.

6. Perform Crucial Maintenance

A less fun, but equally as important, part of increasing the aesthetics of your commercial property is performing any needed maintenance. This may include everything from replacing window frames to fixing a broken tile on the floor.

Regular maintenance keeps your place looking new, and it greatly improves safety for all employees and guests. If something is broken and presenting a risk, a guest can easily sue if they become injured.

Hire local contractors to perform the jobs you need to be done, but don’t forget to do your own research as well. The internet is a great place to learn so many things, such as learning about commercial window frames.

7. Update Any Branding or Advertisement

Take a look at your logo, sign, and any other small piece of advertising. Does any of it stick out like a sore thumb? If so, it’s time to update.

Work with a graphic designer to create updated banners, signs, and logos to place around your building. They’ll be able to create something that fits in perfectly with your overall look.

Subtle advertising can be just as effective as something flashy and intrusive. People are often more drawn to something that’s noticeable yet easy on the eyes.

Aesthetically Improve Your Commercial Property

If you’re the owner or manager of a commercial property, part of your job is improving the aesthetics of the space. An improved property draws in customers and boosts employee morale.

Start by cleaning up the building and performing any necessary maintenance. Freshen up the furniture, and work with a design team to add the perfect details. Lastly, guarantee all of your logos and advertisements are updated to match the overall theme.

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Zaraki Kenpachi