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What Made HP So Trustworthy Among The Consumers

For a brand to thrive and be successful, it is extremely important that it connects with the consumers. We have had reputed brands coming to the Indian marketplace, but not doing as well as they might have done internationally.

Then we have the likes of Xiaomi and Realme, which, in spite of being very new to the market, managed to capture the imagination of the ordinary consumer. When it comes to the laptop industry, there have been a few brands, such as Lenovo, HP and Dell, which have cemented their legacy, and have become the go-to brands.

That said, one could argue that HP is a cut above the rest. Last year, the brand toppled Lenovo in the global Notebook PC market. Businesses and corporations in India have also traditionally used HP laptops in offices, along with printers and deskjets.

This shows the level of trust consumers have in the brand, while HP also focuses on quality and innovation. However, if we want to dig a little deeper, we can zero in on a few fundamental reasons why HP, out of all the other laptop brands, has gained a legion of loyal fans in India.

Excellent laptops with top-of-the-line features

Some of the best laptops in India belong to HP. Furthermore, HP provides greater emphasis on research and development, and is constantly working to make things better. This has resulted in the brand getting popular because of its penchant for constant innovation, and providing users models that are a cut above the rest.

For instance, HP’s Elite Dragonfly G2 is widely considered to be the best business laptop available in the market, while the brand also offers Envy and Spectre x360 models that come with stunning designs, and top-of-the-line features

Some of the best HP laptops also come with enhanced privacy and security features. From fingerprint sensors to HP Sure View technology, where the laptop immediately takes appropriate measures to hide the content from prying eyes, the brand has once again outdone itself, while proving to the consumers that the brand understands their concerns, and is doing everything possible to address them effectively.


The best thing about HP laptops, apart from their stunning features, is the price tag. Unlike other premium brands, HP does not go overboard with the pricing. Instead, it ensures that it cuts down the cost as much as possible. For instance, when we talk about gaming laptops, HP Omen 15 can go toe-to-toe with the best gaming rigs in the market, but the laptop model is also cheaper, and is more affordable as compared to the other dedicated gaming devices.

For any brand, it is important to establish a connection with their audience, and HP has done remarkably well in striking the right chord with its consumers. Similar to Apple and its legion of faithful followers, HP has also garnered a dedicated group of laptop users, who purchase HP laptops because of the brand’s commitment to offering excellent devices.

Durable models

When purchasing a new laptop, we also read about the laptop’s performance and durability. We want our devices to run for at least 4 to 5 years, and HP laptops are extremely durable. The brand also puts its machines through Military Grade testing, to ensure that these laptops are sturdy, robust, and can withstand changes in temperature without breaking down.

HP laptops can last for the better part of a decade, while the brand also offers excellent warranties and after-sales services to ensure that the laptops remain functional for years. Furthermore, the brand provides HP Care Packs, which are extended warranties, to protect the devices against accidental damages. All of these measures, and the brand’s constant efforts to offer better laptops with timely upgrades have made HP one of the most trustworthy laptop brands in the world.

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