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Adapting Your Digital Marketing Strategy to COVID 19

A strong marketing plan will make sure that you find the right audience. Your strategies influence the right people to buy your products or avail of your services. But the target market always keeps fluctuating, so you must keep yourself up to date with the trending topics and keep modifying your plans accordingly.

 Due to COVID-19, the entire industry plan has changed drastically, and to stay in the game, you must make changes to help you survive this ongoing situation. Unfortunately, many businesses and brands have suffered a lot of damage, and so many of them have already taken measures to cut down on the expenses in every way possible. This includes cutting down the marketing team because most of these brands do not see a future.

These are some ways as per to keep your brand alive by making minimum efforts in your marketing strategies.

  1. Publish content constantly

Earlier it would be difficult for many people to sit back, relax and read the content. With the current work from home, many people can spare a few minutes to read the content. Focus on creating and publishing a lot of content on your website that people might find difficult to find otherwise. Publish blogs, infographics that will add value to your audience. Keep updating your social media profiles as well and fill them with valuable content.

  1. Provide promotions and offers

Now is the time when your audience could use some free promotions or discount coupons. You can offer your products or services and keep your audience entertained during this difficult time. Either way, digital media is a wonderful way to communicate with your right audience, who will appreciate you for a longer period of time.

  1. Bring people from your brand to the center

It is always a good idea to make your content as relevant and relatable as possible. The current situation calls for empathy at its highest, and so your company can try to bring out content from the leaders or employees who work for you.

This will help build a relationship between your company and your customers that could be long-lasting. Try using platforms like Facebook Live or Instagram live to do this, or you could also post videos featuring the people from your company. You can also add posts on different social media platforms too.

  1. Meet consumer needs

At the moment, you can try to help your consumers as much as possible without directly focusing on the promotion of your brand or products. There are plenty of brands offering services on discounts and taking care of the public’s needs. Doing this will help in maintaining brand awareness and will also help the audience trust you. You could also try to inquire about the needs of the consumers by using polls or votes.

  1. Stay reachable

If you have a physical store, you must be used to consumers coming in and asking for help. But with the ongoing pandemic, that is not possible. To create a lasting impression on your consumers, you must try to stay reachable as much as possible. Answer the consumer’s queries and ensure that every customer is attended to. This will help the consumers understand that even though the situations are bad, you try your best to solve their problems.

  1. Increase your marketing efforts

Many people are spending time online, which could be a great opportunity for marketers to grab their attention. Put efforts like going for paid ads or modify email marketing campaigns. Keep your websites and social media profiles up to date and provide engaging content like photos, videos, and other relevant content. This will be great because the users will engage with your content, and ultimately this will help increase your brand awareness.

  1. Email marketing modification

Sending emails then versus sending emails now has a big difference. It would help if you tried to modify your current email marketing strategies to send relevant and important emails. You can start adding value-related content in your emails so that the consumers will feel attached to your brand. Try to match with the consumer’s expectations by sending out relevant emails.

  1. Importance of social media marketing

People have become more active on their social media handles, so this is the right opportunity to create brand awareness. Try to post content every day and keep it as engaging as possible. Add polls and votes to generate organic traffic and help you find the target audience.

Always try to modify and re-evaluate all your strategies before applying them. The current situation has already been harmful to many business owners and friends, but you must try to make the most out of it without losing hope. These simple ways are great for businesses of any kind, and you can implement them to get favorable results. 


Zaraki Kenpachi