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4 Tips for Successfully Relaunching Your Brand

Every brand evolves. Like people, brands also evolve to keep up with in-house changes and stay relevant externally. A few factors that can influence a brand relaunch or rollout are a company acquisition, update to the company’s mission statement, a business pivot, and time.

When it comes to relaunching your brand, it’s essential to get it right; otherwise, it won’t make the impact you want it to. Here are a few points you should consider to make your rebrand rollout successful.

1. Consider Its Effect on Staff and Customers

For staff, a relaunch can be unsettling, as it specifies that change is just around the corner, and not everyone reacts well to abrupt change. 

Discussing your rebranding approach can help ease staff anxiety and get them excited for the future of your brand. This conversation should comprise how the changes may affect their roles and the benefits that come with it.

However, it’s even more vital that the rebrand resonates with your consumers, or you might end up losing them. To reduce the risk of this, you can take steps to make them comfortable. For example, you can show the teaser of your new brand on your online platforms, making the consumers feel like they are a part of the development and create enthusiasm for the future.

2. Update Your Brand Assets

Makeover of your visual brand assets is significant for systematic rebranding. It can include the makeover of assets like symbols, signage, online platforms, letterheads, cards, and packaging. For a flawless switch, revise all your customer-facing and internal assets before launching.

Contradictory branding could cause uncertainty among your customer base and damage an otherwise good first impression for newcomers. Again, your local printer can help you with production timelines and other requirements.

3. Determine and Communicate Your Brands Vision and Mission

Every famous brand has a ‘why?’ – it’s the reason for doing what they do. This “why” is more about what you and your organization want to achieve. Whether you are planning to expand a larger market share, break the competition, or introduce a new product successfully, by knowing the reason for your relaunch, you will evaluate and rejoice the final results because you know what success looks like.

Your’ why?’, also known as your brand vision and mission, is what consumers bond with personally. So if you find your mission and vision have changed, it’s a good idea to communicate that to your audience.

However, if you find that your reason for relaunch won’t change in the course, reassure your consumers that your ethics are the same. Anyways, it can assist to keep your audience emotionally invested as other features of your brand identity change. Plus, chances are they’ll welcome your transparency.

4. Hone Your Communication Style

Make sure your audience connects with your new brand qualities, you may have to think about adapting your manner of voice and communication style. Imagine the kind of person you are thinking of attracting and what would persuade them. Think about your heart message and how you want them to feel when they read your content.

Once you’ve fixed your new tone of communication, ensure it is executed the same everywhere for brand consistency. Your social media team, customer service associates, and managers at the front desk should comprehend and use it. Your brand’s unique tone of voice should become a recognizable plus point for your business.

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Zaraki Kenpachi