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Using Facebook for Traffic.

Facebook ads are a great way to get cheap traffic to your website.2 big advantages to using Facebook versus say Google Ads is the audience size of Facebook and the relatively low cost for clicks to your website.

The Size of Facebook’s Global Traffic.

Facebook users number 1.5billion globally and that number grows daily. The biggest number in India at 320 million. The US has 190 million users followed by Indonesia at 140 million and Brazil at 130 million. Italy has 31 million and the UK 38 million (figures as of Jan 2024). So, if you are marketing to those countries, look at the potential audience size. By “boosting” a post you can get more views and clicks on the post and the click cost is still much cheaper than the average cost per click on Google Ads.

Facebook Advertising is Still one of the Cheapest ways to get Traffic.

Facebook is newer and less saturated than Google so bids don’t have to be so high to capture the clicks from searchers. A Google campaign for the same product may cost as much as 4 times higher than a Facebook ad for the same product.

For example, assuming all other things are the same, advertising mobile phone cases for the new Samsung Note 20 5G would cost $3 US per click, whereas Facebook may only cost 50 cents. So, the same budget of $100 would get you 200 clicks to your landing page or website versus only 66 clicks from a Google ad.

Ads with a Good Call to Action.

By having a call to action to click through onto your website you will get relevant, interested users visiting your website. “Buying” traffic this way is only worth doing if the click charges are low and if the traffic is going to be people who are you target audience.

There is no point sending people to your website who have no interest in the Samsung Note 20 or who do not require a case. FBAds will allow you to target Facebook users who are your target customer e.g. they are young and working to be able to afford the latest model of phone. They like Samsung the brand and Facebook know this because they liked the Samsung page or mentioned Samsung in their posts. They like the S Pen, again Facebook knows this because of the user’s interest groups, their posts and activity.

As long as your ad is attractive enough to these users, they will click onto the ad link to find out more or view the Samsung cases you are selling. This is what we mean by “Call to Action” something for the viewer to do, that gets them closer to becoming a customer. It could be to message you for more information, click through to your website or sign up for newsletters so you can directly email them more information and future product releases.

Facebook is getting you relevant traffic, a way to capture their emails to start emailing campaigns, and all whilst getting you views on your Facebook Page and posts.


Zaraki Kenpachi