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This Is How to Use a Sword Safely and Effectively

Swords continue to dazzle and fascinate people with both craftsmanship and aesthetics. You may see them in popular shows, both historical and fantasy. They’re also a staple in video games and other popular media, such as artworks and books.

History notes them as a weapon many warriors prefer alongside the spear. While popular media made you think you can use one right away, it’s a different matter when it comes to using them safely. So, how do you use a sword?

Today, we cover the necessary steps on how to use a sword. It includes sword safety tips and proper weapon care. Read on and maintain your blade properly:

Learn Swordsmanship

To handle a sword safely, have prior knowledge using them. It means studying swordsmanship. Your chosen type of sword influences the swordsmanship style you should learn.

You have a wide variety of swordsmanship schools and disciplines to go for. For example, HEMA for European swordsmanship fits longsword fighting or saber fighting. You can also go for Japanese swordsmanship styles like Kenjutsu or Iaijutsu.

Your swordsmanship style depends on your chosen weapon. Each one has specific striking and parrying methods. Along with this is the way you handle the blade.

Make sure to go to a school that teaches swordsmanship. Learning it without a teacher may prove dangerous and could lead to injuries.

Note the Type of Sword Used

Which sword did you get? It can be one of these katanas or a longsword or rapier. Picking out different types of swords is both a matter of preference and your chosen martial arts.

While choosing to get a sword without prior knowledge of a specific martial art is possible, cutting with it can result in injuries. Exercise caution when using a sword.

Observe Proper Maintenance

Remember to maintain your sword. When left unattended, the blade can rust. Frequent sword use also means regular maintenance.

In such cases, keep the blade oiled up. Oil it after a cutting session. If left unused, oil the blade once every three months.

Use Swords for Cutting Only

When using swords, make sure to only use them for cutting tests. It can be a test of skill and timing when getting a good cut out of a tatami mat or a plastic jug. It works well when testing the sword’s edge.

Watch What You Cut

Watch the materials you cut your blade with during cutting sessions. Some can damage your sword’s edge. Be wary of hard surfaces.

Learn How to Use a Sword Safely

Once you know how to use a sword safely, you can play out your fantasy of becoming a skilled swordsman. It takes practice and proper observance of safety measures when slashing and cutting.

However, it’s best to keep growing your skills.

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