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What Strains Are Considered Top Shelf?

Even though marijuana or cannabis has never been more present in our daily lives, a lot of people are actually unfamiliar with the fact that there are so many different strains, not to mention how they are created. If one consults history, one will find out that there is an original strain that originated in Central Asia. This strain was further spread to continents around the world. Through the generations, new variations of this basic strain began to be created, which are known to this day as the original types, in most cases named after the places where they were cultivated. For example, Thai, Durban Poison, Acapulco Gold, Afghani, and so on.

As time passed and new strains were cultivated, each of these species in different parts of the world has acquired unique characteristics in terms of appearance and chemical composition. We will illustrate with the example of two types most readers have already heard of- Sativa and Indica. The original Sativa was spread all over the world and numerous variations of these strains were created, while the original Indica did not go far and was cultivated only in its place of origin (Afghanistan). The strains that were created further still contain the original ones as a base. Gelato, for example, is a well-known Indica-dominant hybrid and many people purchase its seeds from seed vendors such as Zamnesia and grow them at home.

When it comes to top-shelf strains, it is important to mention there are more than 100 hundred different strains in this category. So, narrowing down your choice might not be such an easy task. The original ones we’ve mentioned earlier were changed in so many ways, that now we even have alien cookies strain on the list of the top shelf ones.

Having so many strains to choose from, how can you know the one you want to purchase is a top-shelf one?

Source: cannador.com

Connoisseurs know exactly what they want from the strain, by its smell, appearance, and feeling.

The smell of the buds should be strong, and while you are smelling you should also feel a pungent aroma. However, if you smell mold, it’s a sign that it’s a low-quality strain.

As for appearance, color is what you’re aiming for. Deep green, in combination with orange, or even red hairs. Also, a thick, visible coat of glistening trichomes indicates it’s a quality strain. Avoid buying buds that don’t have intense colors, and that is fluffy.

Finally, the feeling you are searching for is sticky and spongy. The more, the better. Moisture or dampness is not good.

Although these strains have gone a long way from the original ones, if they are of good quality, it means they haven’t been treated with pesticides. A top-shelf product is one that has been treated like any organically produced plant – no pesticides, or artificial fertilizers. Such strains have gotten a lot of attention – being carefully exposed to light, being monitored all the time, watered properly, but above all, cultivated with a very careful selection of genetics. Combining all of this, and even more, gives a high-quality product, considered top shelf.

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