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Skypod Supports American Pregnancy Association

their support of the American Pregnancy Association with a $1 million credit donation to all mothers, new and expecting. This past year has been a challenge for all and Skypod recognizes the challenges that new mothers are facing during this unprecedented time. As the world is ever-changing, Skypod would like to give the gift of digital time capsules, to allow new mothers to capture every moment, every smile, every laugh and deliver those messages to loved ones. Up to 20,000 new mothers may sign up at

to receive their free credits. No credit card information will be needed, and they may use their credits within one year.

“With everything going on in the world, Skypod’s leadership team wanted to help people around the world create digital time capsules full of family memories, words of wisdom, or simple expressions of love and hope,” said Skypod Founder and CEO, Richard Jardine.

The concept of Skypod.com was inspired by the many routine flights its CEO, Richard Jardine, had taken over the years. Jardine looked out above the clouds and thought, “What if today was my last day? What would happen to my family, my friends? How would I be remembered? I have so many life lessons, stories, and memories to share with loved ones.” From there, an idea struck him to create the Skypod.com cloud platform; a digital method of storing all the things that matter to him, where he can share and make them viewable to loved ones at specific times in the future. With Skypod, Richard gained peace of mind, knowing he can give his life’s wisdom to his children, even after he is gone. With Skypod, Richard also realized that his loved ones would never risk not “being together” on a birthday, holiday, or special occasion.

From pregnancy options to conception through birth planning, the American Pregnancy Association, in hand with nurses and pregnancy educators, helps to provide the resources and information women need for the healthiest possible pregnancy. A national health organization, the American Pregnancy Association, is committed to promoting reproductive and pregnancy wellness through education, support, advocacy, and community awareness.

Skypod is a patent-pending, cloud storage technology that empowers its users to share important life-changing memories and special messages by creating digital time capsules. The encrypted digital time capsules are safe, secured messages, photos, or videos that are encrypted, delivered immediately and made viewable to loved ones at a later date and time, up to five years in the future. Users of Skypod.com discover that even if they can’t be there physically – they can still show up for the people they love during life’s most precious occasions. Innovative and one-of-a-kind, Skypod digital time capsules are simple to create and share for all occasions, especially useful during end-of-life planning.

About Skypod
Skypod is an innovative, patent-pending, cloud storage platform that allows users to save, record and upload personal videos, photos, and other digital files to be encrypted then delivered to one or more recipients and made viewable at a later date – both during and after life. The encrypted digital time capsules are safe and secured, ideal for those who may want to share a video message on a momentous occasion, including end of life planning, birthdays, holidays, and anniversaries, or to leave behind words of wisdom. This innovative platform was developed to help individuals share special messages with loved ones on any date in the future, especially when they may not be around to deliver them. Skypod gives millions in free credits to anyone in need.

About the American Pregnancy Association
The American Pregnancy Association is a national health organization committed to promoting reproductive and pregnancy wellness through education, support, advocacy, and community awareness. The Association seeks to support women and families by lobbying the legislature, businesses, and insurance providers to promote pregnancy and family health issues. Through community awareness, the Association seeks to increase awareness of the reproductive and pregnancy needs in our society along with the resources necessary to address these needs.









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