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Signs that tell you that you have hired expert movers!!!

Have you decided to relocate to a new location? If yes, then it is crucial to hire the movers to complete the job. But because these days, there are several people present out there who pretend to be professional movers but they are not professionals and they don’t give reliable services. That is why it is important to hire only professionals who are experts and have great experience working in the moving industry. If you want to know whether you have made the right deal with the top moving companies you can trust then this is just the right guide for you. 

  • They have a good reputation in the industry: 

It does not matter whether the moving company is small or big until it has a reputable name in the industry. A professional moving company must be recognized by Better Business Bureau (BBB). One can research the goodwill of movers in the market by going to their official website. Check the reviews given by customers who have experienced their services. 

You can also see the ratings given to the services of a particular company by different customers. Some moving companies post fake reviews on their sites. If you are not satisfied with the customer reviews on their official website, then you can visit the website of Better Business Bureau. They keep track of official complaints lodged by the experienced customers. 

  • They have a license to work in the moving business: 

According to the law, every moving company needs to get registered as well as authorized by the province to provide moving services. A company needs to obtain a license from the state government to pursue business in the moving industry. Usually, moving companies list their license number on their official website to gain the trust of their potential customers. If it is not listed then you can call them and ask about their license number and then you can verify it. You can get to know whether the company is authorized to provide its services and if it can, then whether it can move household items, and last, what its safety ranking is.

  • They have experience in the moving business: 

It is believed that the longer the company is in the moving business, the more experienced is the company to handle various challenges that come across when moving a house. Any moving company can establish itself in the market for a long period by providing satisfactory services to their customers. Going with an experienced moving company reduces all your stress of moving. Not all new moving companies are to be considered as fraud but there may be chances that after getting flagged by BBB, these old companies may have entered the market again by starting a new company.

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  • They provide insurance for the belongings:

One can get to know if the moving company they are going to hire is trustworthy, by evaluating if any insurance policy is provided by the company or not. Every moving company must treat the belongings of their customers as a liability and if there is any damage, then it is the company’s responsibility to reimburse their customers. 

Generally, there are two types of liability coverage plan that a moving company can offer to their customers. One is a full value protection policy and the other one is, realized value protection policy. Full value protection policy provides the whole value of the item that is damaged and realized value protection policy provides 60% of the value of the item that is damaged.

  • Flexibility in pricing as well as payment mode: 

An experienced moving company can provide on-phone or in-person pricing estimates to their customers. Pricing estimates are based on the size of a house, number and weight of belongings to move, distance to be traveled, etc. Also, there should be several payment options available so that customers can easily pay the moving cost.

  • They give moving quotes only after an in-person visit: 

If the company provides you the moving quote only after seeing the weight and the volume of the belongings they want to transport. Don’t just choose the company simply based on the very attractive moving quote because they might be scammers. 

  • Have good ratings and reviews: 

If a company has good ratings on the internet and their old clients have a good experience dealing with these clients then there are chances that you are dealing with the good movers. Good online ratings and positive reviews tell a lot about a company and its services. 


You should hire professional movers only to make the task simpler, easier and efficient. If you don’t hire the right professionals then you might end up paying more while making the process more difficult, cumbersome, and daunting for you. Check the above signs that tell that a company is legal, reliable, and could provide good services. 

Zaraki Kenpachi