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How installing hand sanitiser dispensers can make your business more hygienic

Winter is fast approaching, and with it comes flu season. Whether you run a restaurant, a retail shop or you simply work in a busy place, hand sanitisers can be the ideal way to reduce infections.

The many high-touch surfaces in workplaces (including door handles, communal pens and even lift buttons) make the ideal transmission grounds for viruses and bacteria to spread rapidly. High exposure levels mean many chances for your workers to catch an illness that will affect their productivity and lead to absences.

Keep reading to find out how installing hand sanitiser dispensers can help to make your business a safer and more hygienic space.

Easily accessible

In this post-pandemic world any time customers enter your business they expect to see hand sanitising options available, and for good reason. They provide a very quick way of reducing the number of germs on people’s hands when hand-washing with soap and water is not available.

When installed in offices, break rooms, workspaces, store entrances and other high traffic areas hand sanitiser dispensers become very visible. This easy accessibility will encourage both staff and visitors to use the dispensers and sanitise their hands.

Improved hygiene

Of course, the main benefit of installing hand sanitiser dispensers within your business is improved hygiene. To ensure that you prevent the risk of spread between employees or from one customer to another, touch-free or automated dispensers are the ideal solution.

They will decrease the likelihood of disease-causing pathogens passing among your workers, which in turn reduces the number of sick days and increases your company’s overall productivity.

Very economical

Some workplaces provide a free-standing bottle or pump of sanitiser, offering a self-serve experience. This means that each customer is free to use as much, or as little, sanitiser as they wish. This has two downfalls: people not using enough to properly sanitise their hands, and people using too much and wasting product (and money).

Automatic dispensers provide you with the perfect solution to both of these problems by dispensing the right amount of sanitiser each time. This way you can set a fixed budget and track the cost to help you increase the profits of your business in the long run.

Durable and easy to maintain

Hand sanitiser dispensers that are touch-free are usually made of durable materials, including plastics. They tend to face far less physical damage due to minimal contact by the user, making them a cost-effective investment for your workers and business.

Even more so, automatic or no-touch dispensers are designed so that they are easy to maintain and operate. Bags of sanitiser can be replaced quickly in a hassle-free manner when they run out and the dispenser can be simply wiped down from the outside to look as good as new.

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Shows employees and customers you care

Showing your business’s commitment to health and safety and setting a precedent for how you should look in today’s world can be easily done with sanitiser dispensers.

Installing hand sanitiser stations around your business is a good practice because it can show customers and employees you care about hygiene and keeping people safe from future illnesses. It also shows your willingness to adjust standard operating procedures in a post-COVID-19 world.

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