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Cool uses of tech in the bar industry that improve the customer experience

Technology is transforming pretty much every area of people’s lives, from healthcare and shopping to entertainment and travel. The bar industry is, of course, no different, and there are plenty of innovative developments being rolled out that help to improve the drinking experience for customers. By now, everyone all familiar with online booking systems and contactless payment options, but these are only the beginning. Here are some more examples of how technology is making the experience of having a drink at your local bar even better than before. Cheers!

Self-serve beer

The self-serve beer tap is something of a revolution. As the name states, it enables customers to take on the role of bartender and pour their beer themselves. It’s a simple system, but the novelty and convenience is taking the bar industry by storm. Not only does having customers pour beer cut down wait times, but it also increases sales and frees up bartenders to focus on preparing more complicated drinks such as cocktails. The tech also uses a microchip system for payment, which means the bar can still monitor how much someone is drinking and refuse service to customers who are too intoxicated.

Automatic drink delivery

One of the newest developments in the bar industry is the automatic delivery of drinks to customers. The idea is still in its infancy, but trials are being done with robot waiters to see if they can successfully bring food and drink orders to patrons, as well as help with clearing tables. Of course, they won’t replace human bartenders – either those who work in bars or those employed as mobile bartenders for events – but they can help to save staff time and hassle. Customers will always enjoy having a chat with the person pouring their drink, but the novelty of robot staff is likely to prove popular too.

Digital beer boards

A very simple addition to any bar, a digital beer board replaces the traditional chalkboard listing what’s on tap that day. This can save staff time by being quicker and easier to update, is always eligible for customers, and can include more information about each drink. That means people don’t have to bombard the bartender with so many questions! Plus, there’s lots of opportunities to use a style of graphics that suits the aesthetic of each individual bar

Contactless ordering

No one likes queuing at the bar to get the drinks in. To solve this issue, many establishments are now implementing digital menus instead, enabling you to put in your order without leaving your seat. By having a tablet on the table, customers can browse through pictures and detailed descriptions of all the food and drink on offer, then order their choices with the click of a button. As an added bonus, these same tablets can double as an alternative to pen and paper for trivia nights. Allowing customers to order in this way has also been shown to increase sales, so it’s a real win-win for both the bar and the patrons.

Zaraki Kenpachi