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Advantages of Sleeping with a Custom Body Pillow

The key to getting the most of your custom body pillow is understanding how to use it correctly. Body pillows are designed to provide additional support to your back, head, and neck beyond a standard pillow can. Because you’ve never used a body pillow before, figuring out where to position your head, arms, and legs might be difficult. In this post, we’ll go through how to sleep with a body pillow and the benefits of doing so.

Body pillows can be particularly beneficial if you sleep on your side, have back discomfort, or are pregnant since they ease pressure points and help you maintain spinal alignment. Various studies suggest that embracing them might even help you relax and sleep well.

Pressure points are relieved.

Because your shoulders and hips carry the weight of your complete body when sleeping on your side, pressure points can emerge. Hugging a body pillow relieves stress, allowing you to sleep on your side quickly.

Reduces snoring and sleep disorders

Because it may prevent or decrease snoring and sleep apnea consequences, side sleeping is the healthiest of all sleep positions. Breathing difficulties might be exacerbated if you sleep on your back or stomach; instead, use a body pillow to become acclimated to sleeping on your side.

Relieves Back Pain

Placing a body cushion between your legs helps to preserve spinal alignment, which may alleviate back discomfort. C- and U-shaped body pillows can provide additional back support, reducing or avoiding pain.

Relaxes Your Mind

During times of anxiety or worry, your adrenal glands release the stress hormone, cortisol. Cortisol raises blood pressure and heart rate, impairing sleep quality. On the other hand, Hugging has been shown in studies to lower blood cortisol levels, therefore relaxing the mind.

Beneficial to sleep with a custom body pillow

Yes, sleeping with a tailored body pillow helps ease pressure points and lessen the likelihood of back and neck discomfort by giving an additional arm and leg support beyond what your mattress provides. Wrapping your arms over a body pillow relieves pressure on your shoulders while placing a pillow between your knees maintains a neutral spine. Sleeping with a tailored body pillow can also help you become acclimated to the healthiest sleeping posture, which is on your side.

Additionally, you may benefit from sleeping on your side with the use of a body pillow.

The delicate tissues in your throat are more prone to collapse if you fall asleep on your side but subsequently roll onto your back. When this happens, your airway gets blocked, reducing the quality of your sleep. You could feel fatigued or have a dry mouth when you wake up.

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