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T-bone Accident in Los Angeles Ends in a $665,000 Compensation

Accidents happen even to the most careful drivers

Fortunately, it is not always your fault when you are involved in one. In this case, you get compensated for the injuries you will suffer and the income you will have lost if you cannot work. Unfortunately, not everyone injured in a car accident will get the compensation he/she is owed. Most defendants will try to fleece plaintiffs out of their fair compensation using underhand tactics. This is why anyone involved in an accident should not pursue compensation without exceptional legal support, like that from JT Legal Group, one of the best personal injury law firms in Los Angeles.

When a car is involved in an accident that is caused by another person’s negligence, the victim can file a case for personal injury compensation. Most personal injury compensation cases are won when the lawyer can prove that the crash was caused because of a negligent act. However, proving an act of negligence is incredibly difficult.

Moreover, most defendants will try to use all the legal loopholes to prove their innocence or pay a minimal amount as compensation. For instance, in many motor accidents, cases are lost, or the compensation amount is reduced because the victim cannot prove that the trauma or the injury was directly a result of the car accident. Most defense lawyers will try to dig up past medical history and prove that an injury was aggravated by existing medical conditions like diabetes, blood clotting issues, etc.


It is also difficult to arrive at the compensation amount that is to be claimed. This is because most people only consider the physical impact of a motor accident. However, accidents can be life-changing events. They affect mental health and are a leading cause of post-traumatic stress disorder. Most people mistakenly believe that car crash compensation can be claimed only for the physical injury suffered. But an experienced lawyer will tell you that the compensation amount should take into account the mental stress and trauma as well.

Collecting all the evidence is of utmost importance in winning a motor accident case. However, most accident victims do not know how to preserve and present evidence before a court of law. Hence, an experienced lawyer will guide their clients with evidence collection and presentation before the judges.


Most lawyers will suggest that the evidence should be solid and convincing. Hence, it is important to collect and preserve all X-ray reports, Serological test reports, MRI scans, etc. Moreover, it is equally essential to preserve copies of bills that have been paid by the victim in the course of his treatment. The bills are proof of the extent of damage suffered and have a vital role in determining the amount of compensation that should be claimed.

An experienced lawyer will also let his client know what will not count as evidence in a motor accident compensation case. Most courts do not consider a consultation with physiotherapists as an essential medical expense. Hence, such bills and prescriptions do not have any evidentiary value.


For most motor accident victims, a car accident is a big turning phase in their life. Hence, they are confused and inexperienced about the right steps to be taken after they have been in an accident. However, professional car accident lawyers deal with such cases on a regular basis. They know all the loopholes, the legal jargon, and the pitfalls that a layman might fall into.

Hence, consulting an experienced and reputed law firm like the JT Legal group is a good idea if someone wants to secure hefty compensation after they have met with an accident caused by another person’s fault.

JTL group has strong credentials and recently it has secured $665,000 in compensation for one of their clients involved in a T-bone collision. The collision in the case happened in September 2019. Legal Group’s client was driving straight on Hill Street. Suddenly, the defendant in the lawsuit unsafely attempted to drive into Hill Street from 24 Street, thus T-boning the plaintiff’s car. This means the front of the defendant’s car hit the plaintiff’s on the side, forming a ‘T’ at the impact point. T-bone accidents usually happen at intersections when one driver disregards a red light or stop sign and then drives through the intersection when another vehicle is traversing the intersection.


The collision in which the client was involved was so severe that the plaintiff suffered extensive neck and back injuries. The client was taken to a hospital following the accident because he was in constant pain. The medical professionals assessed his condition and recommended an injection to the sacroiliac joint, the joint linking the lower spine and pelvis. This injection comprised a steroid and local anesthetic to relieve the pain.

Besides the neck and back injuries, the plaintiff bit down hard, cracking his upper molar tooth in the collision. The broken tooth was extracted after the accident and an implant was inserted to restore his mouth’s functionality. Dental trauma is overlooked in most serious motor vehicle accidents because victims dismiss it as typical discomfort. As such, it is prudent to consult a dentist immediately after an accident to check if you have signs of traumatic dental injury and get any issues promptly handled.

You need an experienced legal team to handle your case


With the many aspects that can be overlooked in a motor vehicle accident, you need an experienced legal team to handle your case so that everything will be covered. This group has broad experience in motor vehicle collisions, so you are sure nothing will be overlooked when they are handling your case. Moreover, the firm works with some of the best medical professionals that will provide all the services their clients need to recover after a car accident.

Over the years, this group has secured over $2.2 billion for their clients in compensation. They have also bagged awards like Best Car Accident Lawyers in Los Angeles, Litigator of the Year, and Super Lawyers. Furthermore, the Top 100 Personal Injury Settlements in California included 23 of the highest settlements by this group.

Do not wait until you feel better or negotiate with the other party in a car accident before contacting this group. You might lose crucial evidence in the process, compromise your case, or be barred from filing a claim because of the statute of limitation. Contact the lawyers immediately for a free and obligation-free case evaluation to start the process of getting the highest possible compensation.

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