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Examining the Best Outdoor Backyard Games You Can Play in Groups

Nothing brings joy to the heart like spending time outdoors with your loved ones. Whether you are spending time at a backyard family reunion, barbeque party, or birthday party, you want to give everyone something to do to lighten the mood and keep the party going.

With the right backyard game, you can do just that.

Here are five of the best backyard games suitable for any party and fun for children and adults.

The Best Outdoor Backyard Games

1. The Classic Cornhole

Cornhole is one of the oldest and most popular outdoor backyard games in the United States.

It involves throwing bean bags into a 6-inch hole on a raised platform, which comes in unlimited designs, including red and blue stripes, chevron patterns, American Flags, and plain wood.

The Cornhole game set includes the following:

  • Two full-size boards;
  • Four red and four blue bean bags (although the colors can vary); and
  • A carrying bag that makes it easy to move the bean bags and boards around your backyard.

2. The Giant Jenga Game

Giant Jenga Game
Source: diy.dunnlumber.com

Traditionally, people play Jenga inside, but with the supersize version of the game, you can take the fun outside.

The Jenga game set includes 54 6 x 2 x 1.2-inch blocks and a carrying bag to protect the blocks when the game is over. At the start of the game, the tower stands at 2 feet tall, and if you play carefully, the blocks can reach 5 feet before the tower falls.

3. Kan Jam Disc Toss Game

Outdoor Backyard Games
Source: bobvila.com

The Kan Jam Disc Toss game is a team game that requires team members to take turns throwing a disc across the backyard. Team members earn points when they get the disk to land inside the can, and the first team to earn 21 points wins.

The Kan Jam Disc Toss game set includes a flying disk and two Kan Jam cans.

4. Lawn Bowling Game

Lawn Bowling Game
Source: telegraph.co.uk

You do not have to go to the bowling alley to bowl.

With this lawn bowling game, you can bowl in your backyard. The game set includes two wooden balls, ten pins, and a mesh carrying bag. To play the game, place the pins upright, take a few steps back, and roll the ball, aiming it at the pins. The person that knocks down all ten pins with one strike wins.

5. Ring Toss Game

Ring Toss Game
Source: diy.dunnlumber.com

The ring toss game takes minimal time and effort to set up, making it ideal for the backyard. To play the game, throw two similar colored rings, one at its own time, aiming the rings to land over the opposing stake. Player number two, whose rings are of a different color, repeats the same process, and you both take turns throwing the rings. The player with the most points wins.

There’s always an Outdoor Game for the occasion

Whether you are catching up over drinks or celebrating an engagement, there is always an outdoor backyard game for every occasion. It will also be the spark to get everyone off their devices and interact in this modern age. So, what’s the holdup? Round up your loved ones, grab any of these five games, and let the fun begin.

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