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What Should You Not do Before a Dentist Appointment?

Going to the dentist is a nightmare for a huge percentage of the world’s population. No one likes the feeling of helplessness when you lie back in a chair looking at all those drills and hooks, unknown instruments and feel the specific smell of the dental office. Although techniques, anesthesia, and materials have advanced significantly in recent years and with the least pain you get the best result, still, dentistry remains established in the human mind, as a place you would prefer to avoid.

For some, it is a memory of the experienced pain, and for some, it is just a phobia without a basement, however, despite all the unpleasant feelings, going to the dentist is necessary. Everyone who thinks about their health, not only orally, but also the entire organism, must go for an examination once in 6 months, for a maximum of one year, even if there are no problems. We must mention that neglected and decayed teeth, caused by caries, can seriously endanger the heart, kidneys, joints, and other parts of the body.

Therefore, everyone must go to the dentist. Both the brave ones, who are indifferent to dental interventions, and the dental anxious ones, who sometimes need a small dose of sedatives. It is advisable to follow certain instructions before the appointment with the dentist. It is a kind of etiquette that facilitates the work of the doctor and classifies you as a cultural patient.

Avoid make-up

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This is one rule that every woman, regardless of age, status, education, should respect. Nothing worse and more indecent than a thick layer of powder, lipstick, mascara. The dentist will not be able to work without smearing it, and therefore your work requires the use of various types of rinses. Needless to say, you and he can bid. You will be like Picasso’s portrait after leaving the office, and you will expose him to the inconveniences of dirty work clothes.

Perfume and jewelry

This item is similar to the previous one. Excessive grooming is really not necessary at the dentist. Strong perfume or a larger quantity of it, as well as jewelry that can interfere with work, is best left at home, for a more adequate occasion.


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Always try to inform your doctor about previous departures, if you went to another dentist. Tell the truth, do not hide anything, and it would be best to bring your old documentation. Note if you are allergic to any anesthetic or medication, prevent anaphylactic shock, suffocation or any kind of discomfort and danger.

Also mention if you have a chronic disease, a problem with blood coagulation and be sure to emphasize if you are taking any therapy so that the doctor has in mind the possible interaction of drugs.


Before you go on your appointment, eat a light meal, which will consist of protein. Avoid simple carbohydrates. In a situation of increased stress and adrenaline rush, your energy will be stable after a protein meal.

If you eat carbohydrates and sugar, your glucose level rises, and with it stress and anxiety. Do not eat foods with intense taste and smell (onions or something similar), it would be uncomfortable and rude.


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We believe that it is generally known and that it is not necessary to mention that alcohol is strictly prohibited before going to the dentist. It’s not just bad breath and drunkenness. Much more important is the coagulation factor that alcohol affects. Alcohol dilutes the blood, so if you need to remove a tooth, there could be increased bleeding. Also, anesthesia in combination with alcohol can cause various conditions unfavorable to your health.


No matter how you brush your teeth before going to the dentist, still avoid eating popcorn or a similar type of snack. Popcorn and fragments can get stuck in various places, especially if you wear a fixed prosthesis. It would not be pleasant for you or the doctor to remove leftover food and gnash your teeth before intervening.

Juices and fruits

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You should also avoid this group of foods before the dentist. Fresh citrus fruits and juices in general, shakes and similar things increase the level of acid in the body, and of course in the mouth. In this way, the tooth enamel is damaged and eroded. Especially during scraping, drilling and other phases of work on your teeth. Acid and bacteria penetrate more easily and your eyesight is more susceptible to new damage.

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Avoid painkillers

Regardless of the fear of pain, do not take any painkillers on your own. You don’t even know if you will need it, maybe the intervention will be completely painless. If necessary, an anesthetic and analgesic will be given to you by a dentist, carefully selected and supervised.


Here are some recommendations for certain things you shouldn’t do. There are also some mandatory tips that you should always do before visiting the dentist.

  • bath, wash your hair, maintain the hygiene of the ears and nasal cavities
  • Wear clean clothes
  • Thoroughly and carefully brush your teeth with toothpaste, floss them, rinse and disinfect with an adequate solution.
  • Never go to the dentist with a cold, sick, runny nose, if you sneeze or cough, or with herpes and fever. Wait for this condition to pass and then go completely healthy. It would be extremely inconspicuous and uncultured to expose a doctor to infection and allow him to work while you cough and sneeze.

All these tips, what to do and what not to help you prepare well, feel comfortable and present yourself as a decent and civilized person at the dentist. Keep in mind that the more often and regularly you go to the dentist’s office, the less defects will be, the shorter, easier and cheaper interventions.

You will get rid of fear, become relaxed, maybe you will become a home friend with your dentist. Your smile will be representative and your tooth function adequate. Remember that digestion starts in the mouth and that you have done something good for the general health of your body.

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