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Common Reasons Why Your Canon Printer Isn’t Working

Canon is a popular printer and camera manufacturing industry. It is known for manufacturing and distributing advanced printer devices. You can get a small-sized Canon for home use as well as a large laser printer for businesses. These devices are also very robust. Users can easily set up Canon devices and take the printouts reliably. But sometimes, the printer gets into error and stops working. Whenever the Canon printer shows an error, the user can check for the possible reasons and then fix the errors manually.

Your Canon printer is not connected properly

When your Canon printer is not working, you should check for the connection. If your printer connection is interrupted then it won’t take the printouts. If you connected the printer using cable then check it for any cuts or kinks. When the cable seems damaged, replace it with a new high-speed working printer cable. Reconnect the Canon device and then check for printer errors. When you are sharing the printer on the network then inspect your router. Disconnect the printer and then restart the WPS. Now search the network on the printer. After connecting the printer, go to a computer and try to access the Canon printer. 

Invalid printer settings

Many people face printing errors after making changes to printer settings. It occurs when the user has made a few invalid changes on the printer. You can only troubleshoot the error by reverting all the printer settings. Again, go to the Canon printer and undo the settings changes. But when you forget the default settings then use the Canon printer reset tool. Resetting the Canon settings will fix the invalid changes and then your printer will start working. 

  1. Click on the Setup button 
  2. Select Device settings 
  3. Choose Reset settings option

Select Reset All and then click on the OK button. All the settings of your Canon device will be reverted and now have to reconfigure the printer with the PC or network. After setting up, you can use your Canon printer reliably.

Canon printer driver is not working

The user can face an error with the Canon device if its driver is not working. Without the driver, the Canon printer won’t get the commands and stop printing. Open the computer and then click on the Canon driver. Open its files and then check for errors. When you get the corrupted driver file, repair it. In case, the user can’t repair the printer driver manually then use the repair tool. It will automatically inspect all the corrupted files of the printer and then fix them. Now go to the printer and use it reliably. If you don’t want to install the repair tool, go for reinstallation. Remove the installed Canon printer driver from the system. Go to your browser and reinstall the new Canon driver and then use the printer.

The cartridge is not installed correctly

Whenever the cartridge is not available, the printer won’t work. Users can face the cartridge error on Canon due to numerous reasons. Remove the cartridge and check its ends. When the pins are damaged, it can’t contact the printer and gets into error. Fix the cartridge contact pins very correctly and then reinstall them. In case, the printer is not working after using the clone cartridge then replace it. Replace your ink cartridge with an original one and it will start working. If you have the empty Canon cartridge then refill it with good quality ink. Reinstall the cartridge and then check the error. Sometimes, the printer can’t fetch the refilled cartridges. Uninstall all the cartridges from the Canon printer and then reinstall them. Now the printer will fetch the refilled cartridge with other cartridges and then you can take the printouts.

Canon printhead is clogged

When you haven’t cleaned the printer for a long time, its printhead may get clogged with dried ink. canon pixma mg3000 setup Go to your PC and open Canon software. Check for a utility tool for cleaning printheads. Run the cleaning tool twice and then your printhead will start working.

Malware is interrupting print commands

When your device is infected with viruses then they may interrupt the printing process. Whenever the user sends the command, viruses interrupt it and the printer shows the error. Run a malware scan with a good antivirus to remove all the viruses from the system and then you can use your Canon printer reliably.

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