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Can I be tracked using a VPN? Why is VPN necessary?

When we use a VPN for surfing the internet, there is a kind of wall created between us and any person who tries to have access to the data whether we are streaming or surfing. It’s generally used for having access to data that is either prohibited by the local authorities or is not available in your region. But can I be tracked using a VPN? Why is VPN necessary? Here in this article, we’ll give your answer to these questions.

Why Are You Unable To Watch Other Countries’ Contents?

This may happen in cases like when the government of a country bans some websites or some applications from being run in the country. In such cases, VPN comes handy.

Why Is A VPN Necessary?

A person can use VPN which routes its data to another server and hides your IP address and gives you a new IP address. E.g., you cannot play PUBG if you are using an IP address that belongs to any place in India.

This is because the Indian government has banned PUBG. In this case, you use a VPN, which gives you a new IP address, belonging to any other country. If you play PUBG using a VPN, the servers cannot detect your actual location because of the fake IP address.

This way, if we need to do something that is censored in the region that we live in, we can do it using a VPN. But this fact has a loophole too. If the VPN service provider that you use has faults in its service, which means that it is poorly configured or it has leaks in DNS.

There are many VPN service providers available in the market such as StrongVPN and ExpressVPN, Hola VPN and TunnelBear VPN, etc.

It can sometimes leak your actual IP address, which can surely get you into trouble. This generally happens when you use a VPN service provider of bad quality, or maybe a free VPN provider. Thus, before getting yourself a VPN application, you should have complete knowledge about it and you should compare it with other providers just to be sure before spending your hard-earned money.

Though VPN reduces the possibility of you being tracked, some internet service providers can detect if a person is using VPN or not. Yet, they can never have access to the data that you are browsing and your browsing history is also deleted simultaneously. The same is the case with the government.

The government and the security agencies also can detect if you are using a VPN. But what they cannot detect is the data that you are having access to. Now, it may be of doubt whether the data that you are accessing is illegal or not.

E.g., a person may use a VPN to stream content or videos that are not available in your region. This he can do by accessing a private network within another region or country where that content is available. This is not an illegal practice. However, if you use it to have access to banned websites or applications, it is illegal. What is VPN | Top 10 VPN for Android and iOS

In the modern time where Artificial Intelligence and Information Technology have acquired great significance, Privacy of data and information has become a major issue. It has been predicted that the Third World War would be a Cyberwar, which will involve the misuse of information and data in a way that can destroy nations.

Can I Be Tracked Using A VPN?

Therefore, the security and privacy of data are very important. In this regard, VPN comes into use. It creates a private network within a public network, a network that is impenetrable by any kind of outsider, be it the media platforms, the hackers, or even the government.

Benefits Of A VPN

The major benefit of VPN is the protection it provides to the data of the consumer. A good VPN creates a high level of encryption and also has a kill switch that shuts down data transfer once it’s turned off.

This way, hackers have a tough time trying to penetrate a person’s data space, which he has to eventually give up on. Also, a VPN allows people to break barriers in accessing data that is not available in their region or is prohibited by the government.

In addition, the consumers can stream the content that is only available in a particular region, as VPN gives them the IP address of that particular region.

Sometimes Employees that reside in a country and work for another country by sitting in their place also require a VPN. This allows them to have the time zone of that place and other public information like location, IP address, etc.

E.g., when a person employed in Bangalore’s Silicon Valley works for the Silicon Valley of the US, his Computer system may need the location, time zone, and IP address of that region. It helps them attain it. Moreover, VPN lets you have access to the Dark Web and the Onion sites.

People can also do easy and hassle-free torrenting using it. In countries with restrictions on the internet, It’s a powerful tool to let the citizens have access to things that their government doesn’t allow them to.

Therefore, for the modern generation, It has proven to be a very effective tool that can be used in daily life. Children use it for their purposes and adults need it for the fulfillment of their own goals.

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