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Specification of Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve in China

Trunnion Mounted Ball Valves – The trunnion ball valves are suitable for applications requiring large flow rates and high pressures. They are mainly applied to the industries like oil, gas, chemical industry, water treatment plants etc.

A trunnion mounted ball valve is a kind of three way valve that can be used for regulating or directing the flow of fluids, liquids, and gases. It is typically installed in isolation as part of many industrial processes. The reason why it is called a trunnion type ball valve is because the stem of the valve has two small half spherical balls on both sides as bearing elements. The balls are made from bronze material and work to make sure the stem’s position remains constant during any direction change.

What is a trunnion mounted ball valve?

There are many types of ball valves available for use in a wide variety of applications. One common type is trunnion mounted ball valves; this style is heavy duty and can withstand larger pressures than other types of ball valves. They have two semicircular disks that contain either metal or plastic balls that slide freely inside them when the valve is open.

Trunnion mounted ball valves are large, square or rectangular shaped valves with a straight handle on top for maximum leverage and ease of opening. These valves are used to shut off flow in a pipeline and range from ¾ inch up to 3 inches in size. Depending on the size and shape of the valve, a wrench may be required to make tight connections.

The function of trunnion mounted ball valve:

Why did you choose trunnion mounted ball valve China? Trunnion mounted Ball Valves are much more popular in china because of their durability compared to rising stem valves. They are also used when more than one operator needs access to the controls or during maintenance work on a pipeline for example. Ball valves require little maintenance but can still be damaged by debris or rust due to their nature as an open pipe system connected to a closed pipe system.

A trunnion mounted ball valve, or simply a ball valve, is a type of control device used to regulate the flow of fluids through pipes or tubes. Ball valves typically use a spherical disc to control fluid flow, and while there are many variations on the design, they all have certain things in common. For example, ball valves are easy to install and remove as needed for maintenance purposes. They are commonly utilized as shut off valves in residential areas.

How to use a Trunnion mounted ball valve: 

The trunnion mounted ball valve is ideal to use when you need to direct a flow of liquid or gaseous material. It can be used in both horizontal and vertical positions. When used, the trunnion ball valve can be operated by manual rotation or it can also be automated with pneumatic or electric actuators.

Where can you buy a Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve?

There are many places where you can buy trunnion mounted ball valves. However, it’s important to note that not all products will fit your needs, so be sure you do your research before making any purchases!

A Trunnion mounted ball valve china can satisfy the requirement of low flow resistance as well as high sealing performance.

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