High End Three Valve Two-Motor Control


The high-performance three valve 2 motor controller is used on hoists which have 14,000 lbs and increased capacity which are installed with three tanks.  Most often, these hoists is likely to Pontoon Boat Lifts likely be installed from the back side.

To increase the ship, position the ship directly over the hoist employing the guide ropes and activate the mill engines by turning the black button to the power-on position.  Simultaneously turn the port and starboard valve levers to the lift/launch position. Once the lift contacts the boat, position the center valve lever into your lift/launch position.  By partially metering the two out bound tanks, then you will prevent the center tank out of being a fulcrum that will exaggerate any imbalance in the boat laterally. Once the boat is fully raised and bubbles are emptied from the tanks, simultaneously turn the levers to the skillet position and then switch off the blower engines.

To launch the boat, turn the guts lever to your lift/launch position.  Wait approximately 30 seconds and then simultaneously turn the port and starboard levers into the lift/launch position.  By partially deflating the guts tank to begin with , you need to protect against this tank by acting like a fulcrum whilst the boat lowers.  Bear in mind, don’t switch on the mill motors when launch the ship. It is possible to pause the lift/launch process at any moment by turning the levers into the skillet position and switching off the blower motors.  


The powerful two-valve, two-motor controller unit is typically installed on hoists around 14,000 pounds, with two tanks, which can be setup for ships which can be backed into the slip.  It may likewise be used for a two-tank hoist that’s modified to accommodate a more sail boat. The high-performance blower engines can push the air to a more profound water thickness than the normal blower motors.

To raise the boat, position the boat directly across the hoist utilizing the guide ropes, activate the blower motors by flipping the black button into the power-on position, and simultaneously turn both levers into the Lift/Launch position.  Once the boat is fully bubbles and raised are emptied from the tanks, then turn the levers into the dry dock position and switch off the mill engines.

To establish the boat, only turn the levers into the Lift/Launch position.  Keep in mind, usually do not activate the mill engines when launch the ship.

*Ordinarily, you are going to open and close both levers at exactly the exact same time.  But with this particular controller, you’ll be able to control the valve location to control the airflow into the port and starboard air tanks.   On account of the lengthier stabilizer arms and the increased traveling, any imbalance at the boat is greatly exaggerated during the lift/launch procedure.  By manipulating the warmth, you’re able to counteract the imbalance if needed. You can stop the lift/launch process at any time by turning the levers into the dry dock position and shifting off the mill engines.


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