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Emergency Electricians: How to Choose One

With almost 715,000 electricians projected to exist in the USA by 2024, that’s a lot of choices! Whether you need help with a project or need emergency electricians to perform a repair, chances are, there are plenty to choose from.

It sounds like a good thing, but it can beg the question: how do you choose? Particularly in an emergency, you want someone who’s good for the job and can get out there fast.

Here are all of the things you need to consider when choosing your electrician.

Does the Timeline Work?

When hiring a residential electrician for an emergency, the main thing on your mind will be, “how soon can they fix this?” Emergencies often can’t wait and it may be unsafe for them to do so.

You should look for an emergency electrician who can get on the job immediately. If they require you to wait for a long time despite acknowledging that it’s an emergency, they may not be the person for you.

This may not be their fault, as they may have other emergencies to deal with, but it still doesn’t mean you should stick with them.

What’s the Quote?

When calling around emergency electrician services, another one of your first questions may be how much it’s going to cost you. That’s understandable — the last thing anyone wants is a nightmare bill at the end of a service that they weren’t expecting.

While it’s fine to ask for a rough ballpark, understand this may change based on the problem — and don’t always go with the cheapest!

Examine the quotes and everything else about the electrician. After all, they may be the cheapest for a reason…

Are They Communicative?

The best emergency electrician will be communicative and sympathetic. They know things can go wrong, and they understand you want to hear that it’s going to be fixed.

If at any time their tone strikes you as rude, impatient, or unsympathetic, it’s fine to go with someone else. Although communication isn’t the most important aspect of fixing the problem, you don’t want to invite someone into your home you aren’t comfortable with.

You should also ask how you can contact them and how they’ll contact you. Can you call, or do they prefer text? Check that their primary method works for you, or that they’re open to either. This could become important if there are delays or they need to reach you about a change of plan.

Sometimes, the lack of communication will make your instinct tell you not to go with them. If that happens, it’s perfectly fine and you should listen.

Are They Licensed and Insured?

Being licensed and insured is absolutely essential for any electrician. Ask about their credentials and don’t let anyone brush you off and tell you that they aren’t necessary for them to fix the problem.

If something goes wrong, you may end up on the hook for damages or having to take someone to court. Having a license ensures they’re good at what they do and qualified to do it, and insurance covers any faults or damages that happen during the job.

If it’s a complicated job, this can be particularly important as the effects of it may have a knock-on to other things in the house.

Do They Have Good Reviews?

Unless it’s a dire emergency and you just don’t have the time, you should take a few moments to read reviews.

Reviews can be found all over the internet, like on Google and Yelp. You may even be able to find customer testimonials on their website that will let you know if they’ve done a good job before.

Of course, newer emergency electricians may simply not have any reviews, and they may still be as good! However, if you want to play it safe and go with someone you know can do a good job, then pick someone with the reviews to show for it.

That will ensure the problem gets fixed in the best and most efficient way possible.

You can also ask for more personal reviews by requesting that family and friends refer people to you. If you trust them, you can listen to their word.

They’ll know who to recommend… or who not to recommend if they’ve had a bad experience in the past. This could save you from a lot of trouble.

Have They Encountered This Issue Before?

One important question to ask your electrician is if they’ve encountered this issue before.

If they seem baffled by the problem, you might want to pick someone who is more confident about fixing it. If they can talk about the times they’ve seen this happen before and explain how to fix it, that’s reassuring.

Of course, if it’s a particularly unique problem, you might find that no one seems to have seen it before! If this is the case, they should at least be confident about going in and finding a solution.

Choose Emergency Electricians Carefully

It’s important to choose emergency electricians carefully. You’re inviting someone into your home to fix an issue that’s likely affecting your day-to-day life in pretty extreme ways, and you want to make sure the job gets done without breaking the bank!

Consider reviews, ask them questions, and think about the quote. Make your decision from there, and go with your gut in the end. You know best!

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Zaraki Kenpachi