How to Find an Electrician for Your House


A few home improvement jobs require as much work as upgrading the electric wiring. Indeed, electric rewiring is not an easy home improvement job. You can not DIY this project. The best way to start is to find a reliable electric company in Toronto. Let the expert inspect your house and provide you with detailed information about the electrical system.


Electrical wires and cables are purposely designed to last long. However, we often don’t think much about it until we encounter something wrong. Electric wires and insulation around the lines can, over time, begin to degrade, and if overlooked, can lead to lower efficiency, which can even cause serious problems.

Rewiring your house may be the right option if you see that your electrical system is not functioning as it should. Unfortunately, House electrical rewiring appears to be an expensive investment. But, once done, it lowers the risk of having a fire, enhances your property value, decreases electric bills, and improves your house and peoples’ safety.

If you notice some suspicious signs about the electric supply to your house, it is time to opt for professional electric contractors in Toronto. Calling certified electrical is the right thing when you encounter these signs:

  • Tripped breakers or blown fuses again and again
  • An over-fused or distorted electrical panel
  • The circuit that is either overloaded or has a loose connection
  • Burning hot or discolored cords, switches, or plugs
  • Burnt out light bulbs in the socket
  • A fixture that cannot hold the bulb wattage
  • Buzzing noise
  • A burning smell
  • Sparks or arcs coming out of the outlet while plugging or unplugging a cord
  • Loose outlets
  • Cracked or broken insulation
  • Electric shock while plugging in or touching the cord

It is good to get the house electrical system inspected by professional electrical services providers regularly, even if you find no warning signs of faulty wiring. Electrical codes can vary from place to place. In some instances, they justify an inspection by a certified professional electrician. Specifically when:

  • Your house is decades old
  • You need to depend on extension cords for electricity
  • You have made significant residential improvements and annexed applications that could strain the existing system
  • Your home is not grounded and requires two-prong outlets
  • Your house has aluminum wiring instead of copper

Even if you don’t see any warning signs, an expert electrical system inspection is a must.

 A house electrical remodel is an expensive project. Indeed, it requires the expertise of licensed electric contractors. Besides, most insurance companies will ask you for residential electrical wiring proof from a recognized, licensed electric company before issuing the home insurance.

It is crucial to learn that not all electricians have the skills and experience to complete a house electrical rewiring. Therefore, you need to do good research while searching for a qualified electrician. Shortlist three to four companies, check their BBB and online ratings. Also, don’t hesitate to ask for references from two to three past customers.

Before starting a house electrical rewiring project, it is crucial to hire licensed and certified electricians. Here are three ways to successfully rewire your Toronto house.

  1. Make sure you have a detailed contract. You can get a complete electrical rewiring contract from both commercial and residential contractors. Make sure that you are signing a written contract with everything listed. The process can be pretty destructive and messy. However, it is crucial to specify in the contract whether the price quoted includes repair of any damage to walls or ceilings, including daily clean-up.
  2. Prepare a thorough plan. Before signing the contract, learn what you precisely expect from your house’s electrical rewiring project. Making a comprehensive plan is particularly crucial when planning out considerable changes like adding or moving light switches or outlets. Of course, such changes don’t happen at zero cost. However, it is essential to plan well in advance so the contractors know all the aspects of the job and can provide you with a fair quote. Furthermore, it is not the ideal time to be in the red. An electrical update is a considerable investment, not something you will need again and again. Nevertheless, it is the right time to add electricals or make modifications. Waiting for the next time will only make you regret it in the long run.
  3. Be ready for sea changes. No doubt, older homes need complete electrical rewiring. Expect to see masses of holes and dust. It could be pretty distressing to see those holes and debris, but it is crucial to trust the team of expert electricians you have hired and ensure they are qualified to handle your electrical rewiring project successfully. Be helpful to the electrician by moving things along. Also, take every piece off the walls before the teams start doing their job. Your homework will give the electrician team a clear area to work and prevent things from falling away or other damages.

Besides, a house electrical rewiring project can take around 5 to 10 days or even more. For so many days, your house will be dusty and noisy. Also, it might encounter power outages for several hours to days. So, if you can, it could be beneficial to move out to some nearest place temporarily.

Contract with the right electric company.

Professional electrical services are the best options to opt for if you feel your house needs complete electrical rewiring. Commercial and residential electric contractors in Toronto are highly experienced and have the right skills required to accomplish the electric rewiring job and make your house and family safe. Make sure that you get a written and detailed quote. New electrical wiring in your home will make your property more secure. And, you will no longer need to worry about tripping circuit breakers or flickering lights.

Zaraki Kenpachi