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9 Apps to Enhance Your Instagram Marketing

With 90% of Instagram users following at least one business and 83% of users discovering a new product or service through the platform, according to HubSpot, Instagram is a great marketing tool. Once you grow your follower base then you can easily promote your product launches, discount sales campaigns, and business events. You’ll be glad to know that all this is easily done with a free online collage maker. In fact, you can leverage the various collage templates to make your business stand out from the crowds.

Apps to work with your Free Online Collage Maker

Photo collages work very well for Instagram because you can create stories that convey several points in one splash of visuals. They’re also fun and easy to use although you should still consider working with other apps, as listed below, to truly enhance your marketing efforts:

1- Promo.com for Video Content

Videos are another way to hook people in. It’s worth noting that you can only upload a video that’s between 3 and 60 seconds long. Although, that’s actually a good thing because the shorter, the snappier, the better. Promo.com is an award-winning tool that partners with Instagram so that you can easily download your customized templates onto your page. Moreover, there are millions of templates for you to search with your keyword. You’re therefore bound to find something that works for your brand.

2- Get more Likes with StarLiker on your iPhone

When it comes to Instagram, you want to build as large a follower base as you can. This can be done by getting as many likes as you can for your page. Of course, a photo collage helps you stand out. Nevertheless, you can also StarLiker gets you more exposure with its hashtag suggestions and photo filters on offer. You’ll also be able to add effects to your photo collages that could be different from the ones offered by your free online collage maker.

3- Get Instant Likes for Android

Whilst StarLiker works on iPhone, Get Instant Likes works on Android. Again, you can expect to see the most popular hashtags for you to use with your photo collages. Moreover, the app is very intuitive and you’ll be able to pick themes that correlate with your collage maker. That way, you can ensure continuity and focus.

4- Unfold to Create Stories

Whilst Instagram launched its stories features about 5 years ago, it’s still one of the most powerful ways to stand out. After all, we love connecting through stories because they make us feel something. Then again, everyone’s doing it now even if you are trying to be unique by using a  free online collage maker. That’s why Unfold was created. This app offers you regularly updated story templates to help you keep your content fresh and relevant.

5- Linktr.ee to Build your Instagram Landing Page

If you’re trying to grow your online presence, and hence your follower base, you’ll want to include links to your website. Instagram only allows you to do this in your bio. That’s why Linktr.ee was created. Essentially, this app allows you to create a landing page with all your links. You can even enhance this page with a photo collage of your products or services so as to further generate curiosity and entice people to your homepage.

6- PicMonkey for Branded Photos

This online graphic tool is specifically designed for business owners. Essentially, it allows you to easily add branded elements to your photo collages. You’ll also have a very intuitive photo editing tool at your disposal. Furthermore, they offer over 60 different collage templates for you to customize and even add animations if you wish. Other features include a brand kit to save your own logo and fonts for easy access.

7- Hype Type for Fun Text

With this animated text video app, you’ll be able to do some wacky things with your text. In fact, it’s one of the best text animation apps and it’s also very easy to use. So, once you’ve created your beautiful photo collage, imagine what fun crazy text you can add to enhance your story?

8-  Sprout Social to Manage your Account

Anyone who uses social media knows that you have to be super active. Some people are ok with spending their days in front of their social media platforms. Others though enjoy apps such as Sprout Social that allow you to schedule your updates and posts. This particular app also tracks your relevant hashtags and comments so you can stay up to date. You can also store your frequently used photo collages, logos, or other assets in your personalized library. This is perfect for ensuring brand consistency.

9- Hootsuite Analytics

Whilst Hootsuite has been around for over 12 years, this social media management platform is still one of the best. With this app, you get a dashboard that allows you to easily track all your real-time analytics across your social media platforms. From this, you can keep evolving your Instagram content to ensure you’re providing what your viewers want to see.

Final Recommendations for Enhancing your Instagram Marketing

Any social media marketing is about growing your online presence and developing a follower base. Common approaches include increasing your likes and shares as well as making your content stand out. A free online collage maker can clearly help you do that. Then again, have a look at those apps that can enhance your stories or that offer you more unique animations and features, as listed above. Naturally, you shouldn’t go overboard though because you still need a consistent message and branding style. Either way, use the tools at your disposal and choose the ones that fit with your approach and unique offering. Then, your follower base will naturally grow and expand.

Zaraki Kenpachi