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Why is Used Chevrolet Malibu a Good Sedan to Purchase?

Whenever people think about opting for a pre-owned vehicle, the question that gets stuck in their mind is whether the vehicle would be reliable. This is why people are opting for a used Chevrolet Malibu as it is one of the most reliable vehicles in the market. 

You can get a pre-owned Malibu if you visit Flagstaff used car dealer but before that have a look at why a used Chevy Malibu would be a great sedan to purchase. 

One of the most reliable cars brand and model 

Chevy Malibu has always been a grand vehicle on which people can rely. Chevrolet is manufacturing vehicles for over a century and Malibu has been in existence since 1964. Without being an excellent car, it wouldn’t have survived all these years. 

Chevy is a reputed and reliable car brand and Malibu is known for always getting the job done. Being such a highly reliable vehicle, even a used one will work swiftly without any hassle. 

Moreover, a pre-owned Malibu proves that it stood the test of time, and in coming years it will serve you even better. Thus, more people are opting to get a used Malibu than a new one. 

Saves money in several ways

A new Chevy Malibu will cost more than $23,000; however, most pre-owned Malibu will cost less than $15k. It means buying a used one will immediately save an individual over $8,000-$9,000 or even more than this. 

Now coming to premiums; a new car’s insurance premium is always higher than a used one. It means that buying a new Malibu means your insurance premium amount will be higher than if you bought a used one. It might not sound a lot but in the long run, it saves plenty of money that can be used somewhere else. 

Lastly, depreciation cost; it was noted that a new car depreciates by 18% to 20% as soon as it leaves the dealership and over the next few years it sees heavy depreciation. Hence, resale value goes way down when planning to sell it. 

However, buying a pre-owned Malibu means one doesn’t have to face such high depreciation as with time the depreciation gets lower. So, buying Malibu from used car dealer will get you a great resale value if you decide to sell it after using it for some time. 

Choices available on market 

If opting for a new Malibu, you will only get options for the 2024 versions but opting for a used one means you can go back to earlier generations and trims that you want. Hence, your choice of trims expands exponentially. The more choice you have the better chance of you receiving a suitable deal. 

Such reasons portray why it is a good option to purchase a used Malibu. If you are convinced then visit a dealership immediately to get the version of your desire. However, if you are still not convinced, then you can simply get in touch with a dealer and they will answer whatever query you might have!

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