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What to Expect After Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Full Mouth Rehabilitation, or mouth reconstruction surgery, is a plastic surgery technique that involves rebuilding the jaw line and surrounding tissues after accidents or serious burns. The procedure is done on patients with maxillofacial trauma, and it may be recommended for young athletes who may have suffered a serious injury to the upper jaw or cheeks in some unfortunate sports accident. It’s an exceptionally successful operation that has very few complications.

Mouth reconstruction can also be done to repair several problems that patients normally have with their jaws and lips. Some patients have lost all of their facial bones because of severe burns, while others are missing all their facial bones because of extensive facial injuries. Some problems are easier to fix than others, so it’s important that your doctor can figure out exactly what needs to be done. Otherwise you could end up looking worse off than before the accident.

Full Mouth Rehabilitation is similar to most plastic surgery procedures in that it uses the patient’s mouth as its operating area. Full Mouth Rehabilitation uses all of your available facial tissue to rebuild the area that was damaged. The procedure starts with the doctor putting some incisions in your mouth, then suturing the incisions closed using stitches. You’ll need to recover from this procedure for several weeks, possibly months, depending on your medical history.

Once Full Mouth Rehabilitation is completed, your jaw will look substantially better. The bone will be leveled and functional. The surgical wounds will have healed and you’ll have a good bit of bruising to deal with. The stitches will be removed within a week or two, and you will be able to see an improvement in the positioning of your teeth within a few weeks. The surgeon will post a follow-up appointment to check on your progress. If things seem to be going well, you should be back to work in just a few weeks.

A Full Mouth Rehabilitation procedure is not covered by standard dental insurance plans. Full Mouth Rehabilitation is a cosmetic procedure, not a corrective one. So it’s important that you budget accordingly. Insurance companies typically won’t cover the costs of cosmetic procedures unless they are deemed medically necessary. Because Full Mouth Rehabilitation is an unneeded procedure for most people, the procedure is typically covered by your personal insurance carrier.

As with any kind of dental work, you should always check with your dentist for potential complications after Full Mouth Rehabilitation. Your dentist in Greensboro, NC will tell you how many times he wants you to use a bite guard, or how many crowns you’ll need. You may also find out that he wants you to get veneers instead of dentures. Your dentist can give you more detailed information if you contact him directly, or via the Internet. There are many qualified dentists out there who are willing to help you get your smile back.

Some people may be scared off by the idea of having surgery to replace missing teeth, but Full Mouth Rehabilitation is actually a relatively simple procedure. The procedure involves using a computerized imaging system to show a replica of your original mouth. This will allow your dentist to create a custom-made mold of your mouth. Once the mold is created, he can create a metal ‘mask’ from your jaw bone and tissue to create a false tooth. The teeth will then be installed into the mask with screws and pins, similar to those used during molds for the plastic products we buy in stores. It’s a pretty straightforward procedure, and takes just a few hours at the most.

Full Mouth Rehabilitation isn’t right for everyone. If you have problems with crowding, jaw pain, jaw disorders such as spaced teeth, or difficulty breathing, you may not be a good candidate for this surgery. Before you make the decision to have this procedure, you should consult with your dentist. If he agrees that Full Mouth Rehabilitation is an appropriate procedure for you, he may even be able to give you advice about other procedures or treatments available to you in your area.

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