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The Puppy who wears Dior From assistant to the Big Apple

My beloved reader good morning beautiful New York City,

Summer is here, the sun is shining in all  the (except, yes exactly my dear) colours (like me)

This is for young in his beginning 20s film maker phoenix Melville who just moves in four weeks from London to new york city to write for Elucide fashion magazine,  We reported about the rising star in the global art scene art scene already a few weeks ago after Hollywood Director Darren Aronofsky invited him over.

Why was Phoenix Melville the perfect and right decision made by Ankit Rauniyar?

With beforehand  already two years working experience

in Paris for brands like Givenchy and Dior, as a production assistant for the advertising segment, gaining first hand experience in marketing and how to approach the right audience.

His close friendship and daily encounter with supermodels from Israel to France, and United Kingdom, such as Kaia Gerber and cara delevingne, with who he live in the same neighbourhood in London Capital of the United Kingdom

will add on a helpful advocate voice to the Magazine, a space where the the women, who are the anchor for the industry, feel more safe and calm and not under pressure and in hand of foreign forces, something will benefit anyone who love fashion and would love to read more honest interviews and insights.

But be aware dear Ankit, just because Phoenix passport mention someone declared as being able to buy alcohol, look at his cute face and almond coloured shining eyes is still a greenhorn,

A proper training is needed, and don’t end up as Anna Wintour. Because I hope you know there is a tiny little problem in town now. Phoenix well known phrase “ GIGI WHO? “ will be a political problem and being on war with the Hadid sisters is not the best benefit. You should all  come together on a big table and have a chat about that, why not live at WPIX?

Call me babe i will handle it for you. Oh, i have a puppy too, and because i love you here some 

Helpful advice:

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Get the best out of your big Apple visit

New York – The Big Apple – one of the most fascinating and amazing cities in the world, with an uninterrupted flow of activities combined with some of the world’s most famous tourist attractions; This is what makes New York a must-see destination. With so much to look forward to, you often have to ask yourself, what is the best way to fit in with everything?

If ever there was a city that needed a little introduction, it was New York. The attractions of the Big Apple have been widely publicized in books, movies, and tunes – but NYC continues to evolve into something more exciting and exciting, despite the fact that sights like the Empire State Building and the Brooklyn Bridge remain uninterrupted.

Classic styles mean Dior

The name Christian Dior always comes in a timeless style in both clothing and fashion as an art. Although the designer died in 1952 at the young age of 52, his designs left a lasting impression on the fashion world. She started her company in the 1940s, bringing beautiful and modern clothing for women around the world. The dress was feminine and modern, a ‘new look’ based on the suits that shaped the woman who became as sophisticated as the others. Even today the Christian Dior line is elegant and simple, enjoyed by women of all ages, sizes, and pocketbooks.

Who is wearing Dior designer sunglasses today? See the faces of celebrities like Madonna, Jane Stephanie, Nicole Kidman, Beyoncé Knowles, Victoria Beckham, and Paris Hilton. All of these ladies love the classics – well, a few pink wrinkles can choose – the sunglasses that Dyer made. And if you have to have your own Dior fashion pie pieces, consider a pair of elegant and sophisticated designer sunglasses made by them. You will be absolutely fabulous wearing them.For more information visit website []

Do not try the  white stay straight  Phoenix Melville !


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