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How I promoted my Needlework in NZ with SEO Company

I have never ever thought about selling toys I do online but I have started and… It’s successful. I did something called SEO(Search Engine Optimisation). Here is my story below but first of all, you need to know what SEO is.


You, your family, friends, and colleagues regularly search for products on Google. Potential buyers of your online store do the same. But whether people will find it or not depends on whether the search engines like your site. If so, links to the website will appear at the top of the organic search results. If not … it’s time to get down to search engine optimization. In my case, I just met a guy who knows how it works. That’s all. He has developed a nice website for me and put all my Needlework online. So can I sell something? NO! It doesn’t work like this.


The very essence of Search Engine Optimization resembles the process of playing sports. As a beginner, you start simple: do brisk walking, light jogging, jump rope. Over time, get into a rhythm and work out even more intensely, and after a few months, you notice the results: your abs cubes are no less than those of the young Arnold Schwarzenegger. I know it’s a stupid example, but it how I understand how it works, it how SEO company explained this. Here is the company


I live in Auckland, New Zealand and my website presence in organic search results was just terrible before real SEO experts came on the stage.  I didn’t know SEO is a powerful feature. I still can’t believe someone can find me online and buy my work. I don’t know what these guys did and what they changed on my website but in a month after they started I got the first order, in a few days one more. They come every day now. My hobby became a business. I got some clients from around the world, not only from New Zealand.


To be honest, I’m writing this post to recommend visiting if you are reading it. What they did: They change my original website a little bit. They called it a developing keywords base structure. It’s the key to SEO, I suppose. In a word, your website has to be ready for optimization, especially if you want to promote it in big cities like Auckland. Then they do some magic. They called it onsite SEO. The next step is the backlinks building as I got. That’s generally the longest process to see an improvement but if you want to be #1 on Google then you need it. I know, I know it sounds weird but as I said SEO company(Pianov NZ) can help 🙂


How to choose SEO Company

Google “Auckland SEO” or in your case put your city name. Then ask for a quote. A good SEO company will offer some kind of audit of your website first then they will talk to you and then will provide a quote. What I liked about Pianov NZ. Their offers are formulated clearly and to the point, taking into account the specifics of the sphere and specific products. They do not give up halfway, they bring what has been started to the end + provide information support throughout the project.


Also, a huge advantage of the price is simple arithmetic. It’s clear for what and why I pay. I liked the analytics before the start of work, everything was detailed. The organic traffic forecast is always approximate, but in my case, everything worked exactly as it promised. Communication was really nice, they understand I’m a newbie and clarify everything I asked. 


I have been working with Pianov NZ for a year now. I would like to praise the staff for their prompt answers – competent and to the point. They are always ready to explain everything. They help to contact hosting companies as well when there are technical failures!  In general, the staff are competent and respond to inquiries quickly. I like the fact that the company is located in Auckland but works for other countries as well. That makes me confident they are real SEO experts and the services they provided are really world standards quality. The proposed promotion strategy suits me, the organic traffic from Search Engines is growing and this is the main thing.


Anyway, let’s finish with recommendations. I just wanted to say bear in mind if you produce any needlework or something like that you definitely can sell it online.

Zaraki Kenpachi