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Jivamukti Yoga Teacher Training: A Brief Guide

Every living being has a soul. It means every soul longs for compassion, love, and a sense of belonging. However, today’s fast-paced life has deserted every spirit from each other. If you want to experience compassion and love, you should enclose Jivamukti yoga in your life. For that matter, you should join a Jivamukti yoga teacher training.


However, before joining the training, it would be a wise decision to know about Jivamukti yoga. With that said, let’s have a brief description of Jivamukti yoga and its various elements. Read on.


What is Jivamukti Yoga?

Jivamukti yoga is a type of Hatha yoga. Further, it was brandied by David Life and Sharon Gannon in the 1980s.  Moreover, the practice of Jivamukti yoga leads to liberation, compassion, and self-realization.


Various Jivamukti yoga practices include meditation, music, mantra chanting, and deep breathing exercises. Furthermore, the vigorous yoga poses constitute the major part of the Jivamukti yoga practice.


One of the best things about practicing Jivamukti yoga is that you are free to mold the yoga postures and their forms as per your requirement. It means yoga poses can be modified as per the reaction of your body. Moreover, Jivamukti yoga comprises a sense of adventure and infinite abundance.


Five Core Elements of Jivamukti Yoga


The Jivamukti yoga philosophy reflects in the five tenets. Let’s have a look into them for a deeper insight.



It encourages the practice of a non-violent lifestyle. Furthermore, you learn to feel compassion for every living being on the planet. It leads to adopting vegetarian eating habits since practicing Ahimsa also means you should not harm an animal. Hence, it creates a perfect environment for all beings to live in harmony and peace.



Devotion and beliefs are made stronger with the practice of Bhakti. This tenet of Jivamukti yoga helps you become one with the higher power or Divine force. Moreover, the Bhakti tenet also includes mantra chanting that helps in raising your vibrations and awareness.



The art of meditation practice is propelled in the Dhyana tenet of Jivamukti yoga. It helps you connect with the constant reality that lies within you. Further, Dhyana moves you closer to your inner being that leads to stronger intuition and a pure aura.



Nada, also known as Naad signifies the universal sound that keeps on playing within everyone. So, the practice of Nada tenets ensures the development of a sound mind and body. Moreover, it enhances your deep listening skills. You learn to decode the meaning persisting in silence rather than always lost in worldly chatter.



Even though practical knowledge is important. However, the understanding of ancient yogic texts is vital. That is what you learn and understand when you practice Shastras. It further helps you have a deep understanding of traditional teachings so that you become aware of how to implement teachings in your life.


The five tenets of Jivamukti yoga enclosed every inch of your life. From practicality to the theoretical application of what you learn, it helps in creating a perfect life for you. Hence, make sure you join a Jivamukti yoga teacher training to heal yourself and create a perfect life.


Purpose of Jivamukti Yoga

The western impact leads to the commercialization of yoga and its practices. Rather than connecting with the true essence of yoga, it has become a mere exercise. Hence, the Jivamukti yoga was invented to remind everyone about the true intention behind yoga practice.

Jivamukti yoga practice talks about helping yoga practitioners move towards enlightenment. Moreover, it is also about creating a holistic approach to implement yoga into your life without any hassle. Hence, Jivamukti yoga practice allows the flow of grace in life to help you feel compassionate and in connection with every being surrounding you.

Thus, practicing Jivamukti yoga completely changes your life. A perfect way to start your practice would be to join a 200-hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh. It is a sure-shot way to learn every element of Jivamukti yoga from experienced and certified experts.

Benefits of Practicing Jivamukti Yoga


Flexible Limbs

Vigorous yoga poses elongate the muscles involved that improves your overall flexibility. Hence, it makes the movement of your body easier. A flexible body increases the range of motion of your muscles and joints.


Enhances Happiness Quotient

Various Jivamukti yoga exercises include different types of meditation and Pranayama exercises. Furthermore, it enhances your happiness and makes you a cheerful being. The removal of negative emotions and feelings from your mind makes up space for positivity and upliftment.


Uses Whole Body

Jivamukti yoga has different elements that use your entire body. Whether it is about the physical body or mental dimension, everything is used while practicing yoga. Hence, you gain a complete body transformation rather than one dimension progressing the most.


Better Concentration

Meditation and other mental exercises that you do while practicing Jivamukti yoga improve your mind power. They enhance your focus and attention so that you can concentrate better and get into the depth of various yoga practices. In turn, you have a strong memory.


Improves Cardiovascular System

Vigorous yoga postures are a huge part of Jivamukti’s yoga practice. With regular practice, your mind-muscle coordination improves to a greater degree. Moreover, practicing yoga improves your muscles endurance. Thereby, practicing higher intensity yoga techniques is going to improve your overall muscles development and fat loss.


Intense Yoga Practice

Intensity is a major part of Jivamukti’s yoga practice. This gives you a glimpse of what your body and mind are capable of achieving. Furthermore, with regular bouts of rest periods, your body adapts to the intensity that delivers quick results.




Jivamukti yoga is one of the highly effective and vastly practices yoga forms. But you should be aware that while practicing vigorous postures, you fall victim to some kind of injury. Furthermore, while joining the 200 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh to practice Jivamukti yoga, make sure you choose the Yoga Alliance registered school.


Make sure you do not push your body until you know that you can handle the intensity. Practice yoga at your own pace first before getting started with Jivamukti yoga practice. Over time, it will become easier for you to take on intense yoga practices. Until then, just be healthy, safe, and practice yoga regularly.

Zaraki Kenpachi