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Attar vs. Perfume – Key Differences You Should Know

In this progressing world of fashion we come across so many new tends that are taking over the fashion industry. On such trend is use of fragrance such and attar and use of perfume using both these sets have now become a significant part of our daily routine. But that’s not it fragrances are not just preset in these two forms rather they are present in the form of body mist, cologne, bakhoor etc. attar and perfumes may serve the same purpose that is to smell good but they are have complete different compositions and methods of application so before we dig deep to outcast the confusion of what are the difference between both attar and perfume let’s have a look at what exactly both these substances are. There are many firms across Pakistan who is selling Attar Souk Galleria for instance sell the best attar in Pakistan.

What is perfume?

Perfumes are made from alcohol base and they are a composition of natural and synthetic scents. The artificial; compounds used in the production of perfumes are petrochemical which are extremely injurious to the health.

It is recommended that pregnant women should not use perfumes because due to the presence of petrochemicals in the perfume it might cause certain abnormalities in the new born. It is recommended that women should wear masks in the environment when they feel like a perfume has been used. Although perfume now has a profound importance in our lives it is important that we remember it to be an artificially synthesized product that can be harmful to our health.

What is attar?

The word attar has been derided from a Persian word ittar with literally means “fragrance” or “good smell”. Attar is an organic product obtained from the distillation of flowers, seeds or herbs. First discovered by Ibn-A-Sina it is one of the most natural forms of scent that is harmless to the heath and can be used without being petrifies of the alcohol. Since it is a natural scent there is no content of alcohol present in the attar. Although attar may have taken over the globe in the last few years but it has been long used in the Middle East now it has made its way in Europe and West whereas people are using it as a renowned fragrance. Attar is also best attar for men and women in the market classified according to the floral and woody scents.

Major Key difference in Attar and Perfume


The main difference between attar and perfume is the price. It hasn’t been long that there are perfumes present in the markets for all sorts of price and ranges. Leading from expensive perfumes to low price perfume the are replicas of perfumes present everywhere in the market that tend to put forth an enormous fluctuation in the price of the perfumes although it’s been said that there is no such thing as cheap perfume when it comes to buy a perfume but as we compare it to the attar since they are all natural fragrance there prices are higher then that of the perfumes.


Since perfumes have alcohol present in them there projection is much higher than that of the attar. As attar is plain they tend to lack projection due to the lack of presence of alcohol in it.


As attar is obtained from the process of distillation it is obvious that the texture of attar is a little thicker than that of the perfume and perfumes are very light as the alcohol present in them gives them a lighter texture.

Skin irritation:

Chances are that due to the presence of alcohol perfume might cause irritation on your skin sometime our skin do one accepts the intrusion of any harmful chemical and hence it responds negatively towards it. Whereas when it comes to attar the fact that it is an organic fragrance there is hardly one in a hundred chances that your skin might get allergic to it since there is no amount of alcohol.

Medical benefits:

Attar can also be used for aroma therapy for example lavender attar can help to cure insomnia. Similarly there are countless other attar currently present in the market that can be used to cure other medical conditions like stress anxiety and depression. Unfortunately, these are not the advantages that can be found in the perfumes. In fact if anything perfumes creates breathing problem for patients who already have asthma or can instigate many problems that you didn’t know you have.

Which one is better?

Attar has passed the tests of time and has made its way into this era as well it has a very rich background that how historical people from Egyptian to Greeks were using it for their ritual and medical purposes hence regardless of the price it is recommended to use attar instead of perfumes since attar is dense so it has the tendency to stay longer but perfumes are made up of alcohol as the base note and it evaporates as soon as it has been used. So, when you decide to finally invest money into some kind of scent out your money on attar.

Zaraki Kenpachi