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Are Wristwatches Becoming Obsolete In This Era?

The first mechanical watch was invented in the 13th century A.D., which would become the standard for the first wristwatch a few years after. The earliest date when wearable timepieces were invented goes way back to the 18th century. It is when Abraham-Louis Breguet made one for the Queen of Naples, Caroline Murat. And since then, several timepiece brands have come to play and made their impact in the world of horology. Today, with the rise of smartphones and other devices, most people are skeptical whether or not wristwatches will become obsolete. If you’re curious about the future of horology, then keep on reading! 

The many faces of horology

From brands used for Olympic games, like Omega, to the classics, like Patek Philippe, you won’t surely run out of wristwatch options. But before, buying a quality timepiece is not as easy today. In fact, during the early phases of horology, only those who can afford it can buy one. This means that you either have to be royalty or wealthy to be able to wear one.

And after World War II, many companies had to adapt to the changing needs of their clients. That is why most brands started investing in research where watches can withstand deep-sea explorations, work well even near magnetic fields, and oven for space missions! Literally, the sky’s the limit when it comes to developing horology.

And when the 1970s came, the Quartz Revolution started. This is when telling time became more accurate, thanks to battery-powered quartz timepieces. But even then, there is still a split in the market, as most people still enjoy a fine mechanical watch.

The rise of counterfeit watches

Aside from smartphones and other handy devices, counterfeits have been one of the biggest competition of watch brands. Every year, the Swiss market loses billions of dollars to replicas. And people are actually looking for fake watches. 15-30% of internet searches related to timepieces are people looking to buy counterfeit goods. There are also a handful of people who are unfortunate to buy fakes, masquerading as an authentic wristwatch. One famous brand that has a lot of doppelgangers is Rolex. At the end of the day, counterfeits can never replicate the quality of the real ones.

Embracing tech and innovations

One reason why wristwatches are still relevant is that most brands have embraced change. This is where smartwatches enter the conversation. Merging tech and horology paved the way for wearable tech. And brand giants like Sony and Apple are making their mark in this arena. In 2015, Apple released the Apple Watch, which is made to complement its other products. Not long after, many brands have followed suit. With features, such as health trackers, assistants, GPS, and more, it has become the perfect companion for the modern man. 

Mechanical watches are here to stay

Developments have staggered over the years, but mechanical watches are not going anywhere. Some would say that only a small portion of the niche market is interested in acquiring this type of timepiece, but many occasions say otherwise. For instance, several mechanical timepieces sold in auctions for quadruple their original amount. Case in point, several Patek Philippe mechanical timepieces were sold in private auctions for millions of dollars. 

Many watch manufacturers still guard their heritage and preserve their complications. This makes the value skyrocket, leading many people to sign up on waitlists to buy their pieces.

So, why still wear wristwatches?

But aside from the famous luxury brands, there are still several companies that create affordable pieces for the general public. Here are some reasons why you should still wear any wristwatches. 

  • Still convenient for time-telling.

Admit it or not, wristwatches are still the best even if you bring your phone with you all the time. When you are checking your phone from time to time, many might perceive you as rude, especially when you’re in a meeting. Also, timepiece features make it convenient to use for everyday life.


  • They are stylish.

Would you believe that wrist watches were an accessory for women alone? But over the years, this has obviously changed. In any gentleman’s playbook, an elegant timepiece is a must-have. Express yourself without uttering a single word with your favorite timepiece. With different styles and colors, you will never run out of options.


  • Great heirlooms to ever exist. 

When it comes to family heirlooms that you can pass on for generations to come, a great wristwatch is your best pick. They carry history, heritage, and quality craftsmanship that won’t go obsolete for the years to come. This is why sales skyrocket over the years.

  • The best artistry and craftsmanship.

Swiss watches have always been the standard. And wearing one is actually wearing a piece of art. For some pieces, it takes hours and hours to create. Complex designs are made by hand, which makes them extra special and delicate. Art in horology comes in different forms, depending on who you ask. It could be how the dial looks or the movement of the piece itself.

The future of watches

By definition, obsolete means stopping production because the product has already surpassed its use. With that, obviously, wearables watches are not going anytime soon. Millions of people still use and incorporate timepieces into their lifestyles. Horology is still a billion-dollar industry. But we can’t ignore the fact that the reasons for wearing and acquiring one are constantly changing.

Where to buy authentic pieces?

We mentioned earlier that many people have become victims of fake wristwatches. That is why it is important to know the right place to acquire them. When researching online, one of the best websites to check out is WatchShopping! WatchShopping is the most trusted online marketplace. Whether you are in the market for luxury ones or even for daily wear, this site’s catalog has it all for you. The company guarantees that all items are 100% genuine and authentic. To know more about their policies and authenticity, visit the website today!


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