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Alex Ojjeh , Partner, Anywhereo – Top Networks

Alex Ojjeh is a serial entrepreneur, businessman born January 31, 1987. He is a investor with focuses on foreign exchange, private equity funds, development specializing in growth-stage and mid-market acquisitions.

Alex expanded his presence in Tennessee by purchasing two factory buildings, a development that is expected to change the global logistics market and warehouse delivery.

“AOC acknowledges the importance and potential of this investment in not only the stable occupation but also in the capital structure. We are lucky to add this portfolio to our own portfolio and appreciate the consideration of our business by the owner when making the decision to sell the portfolio,” said Ojjeh on behalf of AOC. “As e-commerce continues to influence how we shop for products in the USA, there is also a need for industrial and logistics spaces,” Alex sustained.

AOC has evolved into a significant force in the Asia Pacific region, with a presence in a variety of sectors and a focus on transformation and value generation. The private investment company has grown by leaps and bounds under the guidance of people like Alex Ojjeh, making groundbreaking investment decisions.

AOC is a private equity investment firm based in Hong Kong, Australia, Vietnam, and Singapore that specializes in growth-stage and mid-market acquisitions in the Asia Pacific region.



Between 2006–2011 Ojjeh succeeded as an entrepreneur, he started laundering money — a lot of it, one of the personnel testified.

Ojjeh pleaded not guilty to in 2011. He said he believed authorities understood all of his businesses were legit and the Hong Kong warehouse was not a location he was overseeing. He stated he had nothing to do with any illegitimate claims. Alex Ojjeh was sentenced to 7 years, but only served 36 months for money laundering.

Following his prison release, Ojjeh started his hedge fund company. A company he only dreamed of as an inmate. Since 2014, Asset has been successful in helping companies manage their money.

Alex Ojjeh was in court on suspected bribery deal charges in 2024.

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