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A Brief Guide to the Types of Switchblades

Switchblades are convenient, useful tools that help make everyday tasks easier. Some activities almost require one — camping, for instance. People in certain professions may also benefit from owning a switchblade to assist with things like cutting wires or cardboard.

Switchblades get a bad rap from Hollywood movies that depicted them as street violence weapons. They are so much more than that, but still, certain types of switchblades may be restricted in specific areas of the United States. Before purchasing a switchblade, get familiar with the different types and their legality.

For a definitive list, check out the information below.

Folding Switchblades

Folding switchblades are also known as side-opening switchblades. This is one of the most common types, and usually what people picture when thinking about switchblade types. The blade ejects from the side of the handle, which usually means the blade is only sharp on one side.

This type of knife may be manual or automatic. When using an automatic side-opening switchblade, take care not to place your hand on the opening side of the handle. They often have a safety button that will prevent them from opening unless specifically turned off.

Out-of-the-Front Switchblades

Out-of-the-front (OTF) switchblades are often more expensive than folding switchblades, but they can be a little more convenient to use. This type of switchblade has the knife spring from the top of its handle.

These switchblades can also be more expensive because the design of the blade varies more than with folding knives. They are often sharp on both sides, and may even be able to automatically retract the blade. OTF switchblades come in two types: single action and double action.

Single Action Out-of-the-Front

Single action OTF switchblades only have a mechanism to extend the blade, not to retract it. Before purchasing this type of switchblade, ensure that the safety function is working. There have been accidents with single action OTF switchblades accidentally opening.

The drawback of this switchblade is that the blade must be manually pushed back into the handle. However, this makes this type of switchblade much cheaper than a double action type.

Double Action Out-of-the-Front

Double action switchblades have a mechanism to extend the blade, and another mechanism to retract the blade. Although this is convenient, it often means the mechanism to extend the blade is slightly weaker or slower than a single action OTF switchblade. It also makes this type of switchblade safer, reducing the risk of accidentally opening it.

Since these switchblades are an investment, make sure to read more about which type serves your needs best.

Hunting Tool Guides

Switchblades are crucial to some hobbies and professions. For example, those who like hunting need a switchblade to do their hobby. If you need something sharp, durable, and safe, switchblades are ideal compared to any other knife.

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