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What To Expect In The Nursing Profession


Nurses dedicate their entire lives to care for their patients and their patient’s families. In fact, from the very moment you step foot into nursing school, you will make a difference in people’s life. That said, the nursing profession is not everybody’s cup of tea. They have to work in various settings and cater to various specialties, and both present different challenges and benefits. Today, we will share a detailed guide on what to expect when you take up the nursing profession. So, if you’re willing to dive into the nursing profession, keep reading till the end to know what nurses have o deal with day in and day out.

  • You’ll Gain Tons Of Experience In Various Nursing Specialties 

As a nurse, you will have tons of opportunities to work in different specialties and hospital or clinical environments. From elderly care to ER to pediatrics to management – the possibilities will be endless. However, choosing a specialty that you like will involve a lot of time and patience, and most importantly, a lot of trial and error.In addition, such opportunities might open up a wider path of requirements. For example, if you’re a nurse willing to go into the administration side of nursing, you’ll have to acquire a terminal degree in nursing. So, you should make up your mind and decide the specialty you want to go for before thinking that becoming a care provider is the only option you have.

  • You’ll Have To Work Long Hours

There has been a significant rise in the demand for more nursing individuals everywhere due to the Covid-19 pandemic. However, not everyone chooses to apply their trade in the nursing field. Thus, such a thing is resulting in long working hours and overtime.So, if you’re considering becoming a nurse in 2024, remain wary of the fact that you’ll have to work long hours(even night shifts regularly) to fill the void that Covid-19 has left in the healthcare industry. However, working long hours or the night shift will provide you with more collaborative opportunities.

  • You’ll Receive A Steady Salary

Even though the Covid-19 pandemic left a scar on world economies, specially businesses and hospitals, nurses continue to see steady salaries and pay raises in some cases, according to an American Nurse Journal report. Such a thing should be a surprise because the US news and world report ranked registered nurses as number 13 on their list of top 100 best-paying jobs in 2024.Furthermore, healthcare facilities are also enticing nurses by offering them numerous incentives. According to a CNN report, various healthcare facilities are offering nurses free housing and bonuses. They are doing this to both recruit new nurses and retain existing ones.

  • You Enjoy Great Personal Satisfaction

The nursing field is amongst the most respected professional career choices in the world. Nurses are individuals who bridge the gap between a patient and their doctor. While it depends upon the situation, most of the time, a patient will interact more with a nurse than their doctor.Most experienced nurses believe that such a thing brings them great personal satisfaction as they treat patients’ illnesses and watch their pathway to recovery from the beginning until the end. Not to mention, taking care of someone day in and day out also brings a great sense of achievement!


  • You’ll Provide Patients With Holistic Care

Holistic care involves treating a patient as a whole instead of treating a particular disease or illness. In fact, a holistic nurse is able to recognize their patients’ uniques environmental, spiritual, mental, and physical weaknesses and strengths. After all, the benefits of holistic care stretch far and above.For example, a study suggests that patients who recovered with holistic treatment were more satisfied with the quality and accessibility of the treatments. As a result, many US hospitals and healthcare facilities have slowly incorporated holistic care into their care delivery models.

  • You’ll Experience Physical And Mental Burnout

With all the positives that you can expect in the nursing field, there is one thing that you will surely experience- burnout! After all, no job is stress-free. However, the nurses are more prone to mental and physical burnout due to their rigorous work routine, where their decisions can greatly impact the lives of their patients. If left untreated, it can lead to depression, hopelessness, and feelings of cynicism. That said, the best way to address burnout is good self-care.


The nursing profession is both exhausting and rewarding. As a nurse, you have the power to define the future of healthcare while also having the ability to make a difference in your patient’s lives. There are few things you will experience while working as a nurse. Some will be bad. Some will be good. But, in the end, you will have to push yourself and get through the bad ones while grasping an opportunity that comes to experience the good ones.

Zaraki Kenpachi