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Surgical Procedures for Weight Loss

Most people presume surgery to be a high-risk procedure that may result in death. It’s critical to note that all surgical procedures contain a certain probability of risks, depending on the type of surgery and the problem treated. Unlike traditional open surgery, surgical techniques in today’s world have improved, involving fewer incisions, short recovery, fewer risks, and excellent results. Valhalla advanced Surgeons offer modern and the latest surgical techniques to address your weight, among other health issues. Here are among the surgical procedures they offer.

Weight loss surgery

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Not everyone finds a solution for excessive weight from diet and exercise. Sometimes it takes weight loss surgery to help you achieve a healthy weight.

The Advanced Surgeons team offers various weight loss surgical procedures to help people reach their weight loss goals. The technique involves modifying your digestive system to enhance weight loss.

The surgical procedures are not for everyone, and you may need a medical review from your provider to determine if you qualify for the treatment. Usually, they are highly successful, but it does not come without a sacrifice. You need to maintain a healthy lifestyle to keep and manage the results.

What are the various types of weight loss surgery?

The Advanced Surgeons team uses minimally invasive techniques to perform various weight loss procedures, including the following.

Gastric bypass

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It enhances weight loss by limiting the nutrients and calories you absorb when you eat. Your provider creates a small pouch in your stomach and joins it to the small intestine. Gastric bypass allows the food to go past your stomach and some part of the small intestine.

It prevents your body from absorbing calories and nutrients it would have absorbed if it went through the normal route.

You can qualify for gastric bypass if you have a body mass index of 40 and above. The procedure is also ideal for patients with a BMI of 35 and above, and have weight-related health issues.

Gastric sleeve

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It is a minimally invasive surgery that restricts the amount of food your stomach can hold. A gastric sleeve limits the amount of food you can eat.

Your provider uses a laparoscope for visual guidance in the stomach. Before your surgery, they perform various tests to evaluate your health and determine whether you qualify for the procedure.

It is ideal for patients struggling with excessive weight even after trying diets and exercising and have a BMI of 40 or more. You are also a candidate for gastric sleeve if you have a BMI of 35 and have health conditions due to weight.

Bariatric surgery

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It is a surgical procedure to promote weight loss within a short period. It works by reducing the number of calories your body can absorb or limiting your food intake, by reducing the stomach size.

All surgical procedures at Advanced surgeons are minimally invasive, which enhances quick recovery, fewer scars, and excellent results. Usually, these procedures are not your first weight loss options. Your provider recommends surgical methods when diets and exercise have failed, and you are at risk of weight-related conditions.

Ensure to consult with your provider before deciding on a weight loss procedure. Contact Advanced Surgeons today to schedule your appointment.

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