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What is the Bariatric Surgery Procedure Like in Long Island?

If you are planning on getting bariatric surgery, or have a bariatric surgery planned here in Long Island, then most probably you are looking for information about it. There are different types of weight loss surgeries, and depending upon your situation your doctor will pick the correct type of weight loss surgery for you.

Reputed weight loss clinics such as LI Obesity Surgery that handle different types of weight loss surgeries have surgeons that specialize in each type of surgery. If you’re a patient who has weight loss surgery scheduled, you would naturally be interested in finding out about the exact surgical process. For anyone who wants to know what to expect during a weight loss procedure, we are going to explain it for each type of surgery.

The surgical process for different Long Island weight loss surgery procedures

As mentioned above, the way your surgeon in Long Island – or anywhere in the US – would perform your weight loss surgery depends on the type of procedure you are scheduled for. While the process can be slightly different the procedure is usually identical for different clinics. With that being said, here is how different weight loss procedures usually take place:

Restrictive weight loss procedures

Restrictive weight loss surgery is a broad term used to identify weight loss surgeries that restrict or reduce the space in your stomach for food. There are three major types of restrictive weight loss surgeries namely: gastric banding, intragastric balloon, and vertical sleeve gastrectomy. Here is how each of them is performed:

Gastric banding: This procedure involves placing a band around the upper portion of your stomach to reduce its size. Your surgeon will carefully install the band at the correct position to create a small pouch for the food to be stored. This limits the amount of food you can eat and therefore you start losing weight at a rapid pace.

Intragastric balloon: As the name suggests this procedure involves placing a specialized balloon filled with a saline liquid in your stomach. The working mechanism of this procedure is similar to gastric banding as the balloon placed inside your stomach limits how much food you can eat. The balloon that is placed in your stomach during this procedure, can be adjusted in size externally through a tube. So this procedure can be used to control how much of your stomach’s size is being restricted. If you want to stop obesity for life this procedure is a low-cost option for you.

Vertical sleeve gastrectomy: This procedure is much more invasive compared to other restrictive weight-loss surgeries as it involves removing a major portion of your stomach. Once your stomach’s portion is removed the remaining stomach is closed to form a narrow tube or sleeve which limits your food intake.

Malabsorptive weight loss procedures

Another form of weight loss surgery is Malabsorptive surgeries and these surgeries are used to limit the number of nutrients that your stomach can absorb, thus reducing weight in the process. Malabsorptive procedures include gastric bypass and biliopancreatic bypass, and here is how they are performed:

Gastric bypass: This procedure involves creating a small pouch in your stomach that is directly connected to the small intestine. This gives your body less time to absorb nutrients and you can start losing weight.

Biliopancreatic bypass: During this procedure portions of your stomach are removed and the remaining stomach is joined directly to your small intestine. This bypass allows only the bile and digestive juices from the pancreas to enter the digestive system to mix with the food you eat. The number of nutrients your body absorbs after this procedure gets limited to a minimum thus resulting in weight loss.

For more information about weight loss procedures, get in touch with your Long Island weight loss doctor.

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